Ancient Gurukulam | Educational Place for Studying Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads

Ancient Gurukulam

Ancient Gurukulam

Ancient Gurukulam was considered as the best educational place for studying the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads, and all the students would move with each other in a friendly manner, and their Guru would be a great scholar. Lord Krishna and Balarama have also completed their education in Guru Sandipani’s ashram.

But in this todays modern world, Ragging are commonly done in colleges, as an activity of fun, making shame on other juniors, making them to suffer by doing serious mischievous acts and torturing them physically as well as mentally. Ragging would be usually done by the seniors to their juniors. Sometimes, due to the severe effect of ragging, the juniors might lose their life also. Though the government is trying its level best to eradicate the ragging activities from the colleges, but still in some colleges the ragging activity cannot be controlled fully.

Due to their sufferings, the juniors are also become interested in doing ragging, after they become seniors. The students who do ragging must feel that causing harm to others is a sinful act, and would attract severe punishment. Apart from the punishment given by the law, punishment given by the god would be very severe, and no one can escape from the watchful eyes of the almighty. Some students are even ragging their lecturers and making abusive comments on them. Even some students used to give love letters to their female lecturers, and make them to get affected through their wrong acts.

The parents must properly grow up their child in a good environment, and must teach the good and bad things at their younger age itself. They should also tell about the sufferings of the wrong doers to their children, and they have to ask them to do good things in their life.

The parents must act as a friend, philosopher and guide to their children, and must show the correct path for leading a noble life. From the life history of many criminals, we can know that they are not brought up well.

In case of Gowri Shankar, who was later called as Auto Shankar, he has become a criminal, since his mother has left him alone at his young age, and went away with another person. Due to that, while growing up, he had developed many bad habits, and destroyed his life, and finally his life was ended with tragedy. Similarly lot of parents are giving more freedom to their children, and spoiling their lives. They have to cultivate the Bhakti spirit in the minds of their children, must take them to the temples, and make them to worship the almighty by chanting his various names.


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