Run till you Achieve the Desired Goal

We have to keep on running our life, till we achieve the desired goal in our life. Making our life reasonable or unreasonable lies in our hands only, and we have to strive hard to win in our activities. Only through our hard work and efficiency we can bring success in our life. We should consider life as neither hard nor easy but we should balance our lives in order to easily discharge our activities.

Some people would say I want to get promoted in my job, but I am finding it difficult to do that, since everyday my wife is quarreling with me for small, small matters. But family related problems alone are not the main cause for not succeeding in our career.

Some people would be suffering from peculiar diseases from their young age itself. Some diseases can be cured, but some cannot be cured. In such cases, the people who suffer from such kind of diseases would have to face lot of problems in their life, like getting irritation for small, small matters, disinterest in work and unwilling to interact with their family members, and also with their office colleagues. For incurable disease, the usual advice given by the doctors to their patients is “TRY TO PRACTICE TO LIVE WITH THIS DISEASE”.

Human sufferings are regularly watched by the god itself, since he permanently stays with us in our soul. But due to the laid down laws of the god, sometimes he is not in a position to solve all of our problems. In such a case, we should not worry about that, but still we should develop more bhakti on the almighty and ask him to give more withstanding powers and confidence in order to tolerate the problems in our life.

At any cost, we should not lose patience in our life, and must always act softly and gently with others, and must always try to achieve the desired goal in our life. Students may be having the goal to clear their engineering exams by securing good marks. Working people would be having the goal of getting promotions in their companies or switching over to well-paid jobs like that. But at any time, we should not get anger for our sufferings, since by doing that we only would be affected, and in no way, others would be affected by that.

Hence let us always keep the divine thoughts of Lord Krishna in our mind, and be blessed.


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