What is an Over-active Mind?

Our minds are more creative, solution-oriented, clever, and receptive to new answers when we aren’t trying so hard – when we relax. This is difficult to accept because it seems important to work hard. And, of course, it is important to work hard.

It’s just that it’s not always to your advantage to think so hard. We mistakenly believe that when we relax, our minds stop working. This is far from true. When we quite the mind, it’s still working – only in a different way.

When your mind is active, full speed ahead, it tends to spin and churn. An over-active mind often goes over the same set of facts again and again, encouraging you to think “inside the box.” Your thinking becomes repetitive and habitual because it’s going over that which it already knows or believes to be true. Because you’re working so hard, you use a great deal of energy, creating unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Somewhere in all the churning of an overactive mind, your wisdom and common sense are lost. These invisible, usually overlooked qualities get buried in a sea of activity and you fail to see the obvious.

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