Story: Garuda and Maninaga

You have already been told about the great snake (naga) Ananta. Ananta had a son named Maninaga. Garuda was the enemy of the snakes and the snakes were all afraid of Garuda. Maninaga began to pray to Shiva. Having pleased Shiva, he obtained the boon that Garuda would be able to do him no harm. […]

Eagle in Hinduism – Garuda Bhagwan | Jatayu, Sampati

Lord Vishnu with Shiva Garuda Brahma

In Hinduism, Garuda is a form of eagle and he is the king of birds. Eagles are mentioned in ancient Puranas and Hindu literature, and they are considered as mighty kings and warriors. Jatayu and Sambati are the two eagle brothers, and they are the sons of Lord Aruna, the divine charioteer of Lord Surya […]

Vahanas | Divine Vehicles of Hindu Gods, Goddesses

Similar to us, gods and goddesses are also having vehicles. But the divine vehicles, are considered as very holy and sacred, and considered similar to their masters, and contains their features. Among the various divine vehicles, notable divine vehicle deities are Garuda and Nandi. While Garuda acts as a vehicle to Lord Vishnu, Nandi serves […]