Eagle in Hinduism – Garuda Bhagwan | Jatayu, Sampati

Lord Vishnu with Shiva Garuda Brahma

Lord Vishnu with Shiva Garuda Brahma

In Hinduism, Garuda is a form of eagle and he is the king of birds. Eagles are mentioned in ancient Puranas and Hindu literature, and they are considered as mighty kings and warriors. Jatayu and Sambati are the two eagle brothers, and they are the sons of Lord Aruna, the divine charioteer of Lord Surya Bhagavan, and the brother of Lord Garuda Bhagavan. Both the eagle brothers showed great love and affection on each other, and once Sampati had lost his wings, and landed in a mountain by eating small animals and Jatayu also fought with Ravana and lost his life.

Eagle can also be tamed as pets, and we can see how they are mingling in a friendly manner with their masters in the television channels, and in the internet. Eagle contains good vision, and they are able to trace their prey from a long distance. Garuda bird is a type of eagle, and it is considered as the descendant of Lord Garuda Bhagavan.

We can see some Garuda birds flying in the top of the Vishnu and Krishna temples, and they would also circumambulate the temples. Few years ago in the Thirukazhukundram temple, daily in the noon some eagles would fly in the top of the temple, and offer their worship to the Lord. But nowadays they are not giving their divine appearance to the devotees.

Eagles are also considered as the enemies of snakes. By reciting the ‘Garuda Mantra’ regularly, there would be no fear from snake bites, and we would be relieved from poisonous fevers and from deadly viruses etc.

Let us worship the great Lord Sri Garuda Bhagavan and be blessed.

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