Vahanas | Divine Vehicles of Hindu Gods, Goddesses

Divine Vehicles of Gods Goddesses

Divine Vehicles of Gods Goddesses

Similar to us, gods and goddesses are also having vehicles. But the divine vehicles, are considered as very holy and sacred, and considered similar to their masters, and contains their features.

Among the various divine vehicles, notable divine vehicle deities are Garuda and Nandi. While Garuda acts as a vehicle to Lord Vishnu, Nandi serves both as a divine gate keeper as well as the vehicle of Lord Shiva.

Mushika is the vehicle of Lord Vinayaka, and Mayura is the vehicle of Lord Muruga, and they are not given much importance, similar to Lord Garuda and Nandi. But all these divine vehicles are blessed ones, and acts as a mediator between us and gods. We can tell our wishes to the divine vehicles, and they can pass it on to their masters, in order to get immediate favourable results for us.

Adisesha serves as a divine bed of Lord Vishnu, and protects us from several dreaded diseases, from snake bites and from various insects and germs. Mata Durga can be seen seated in a tiger and in some forms of Devi, she can be seen seated in a lion.

Even the demigods are having their respective vehicles, Lord Agni is having the goat as his vehicle, whereas Vayu is seated in a deer, and Lord Indra, the gods of heaven can be seen seated in an elephant known as Airavata.

All these vehicles,serve faithfully for their divine masters, and acts as a messenger and divine attendants. Whoever worships these divine attendants would be considered as equivalent to worshipping the god itself. They cannot be separated from their masters, and they are serving their duties for a long period of time, and there is no end for them.Even at the time of the destruction of the entire Universe, the divine attendants would stay alive and would faithfully serve their masters.

Let us worship the great divine vehicle attendants and be blessed.

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