Garuda Darshanam

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garuda 1

We could rarely spot out the divine bird Garuda on the skies, which resembles similar to that of the eagle. If we go to our terrace, during early morning hours, sometimes, we could be able to get the divine vision of the Garuda Birds on the skies. Hindus used to worship the bird Garuda, by considering it to be an aspect of the celestial bird Garuda, who is also the divine vehicle of Lord Vishnu.

Ancient people used to worship the bird Garuda whenever they watch it on the skies. It is also believed that whoever worships the holy bird Garuda, by considering it as the divine bird Garuda, would be blessed by Lord Vishnu. Lord Subramanya’s vehicle peacock is also considered to be a form of the divine bird Garuda.

It is believed that by having the glimpse of the bird Garuda, especially during Saturdays and on Ekadashi days would bring good fortunes in our lives. The bird Garuda would raise a strange voice, and if we carefully observe, we could be able to hear it clearly, that it chants the Narayana Mantra, “OM NAMO NARAYANA”.

Ancient Kings who follows Vaishnavism used to greatly honour the Garuda Bird, by providing proper food stuffs for them, and some of those kings would even keep them as pet birds on their palaces.

There is lot of difference between eagles and Garuda Birds, though both of them look alike. While eagles used to eat the left overs of the dead bodies, Garuda Birds would mostly eat vegetarian food, like certain kind of herbs, plants and mushrooms. Garuda birds contain more powers than that of eagles, and they used to fly at a faster speed, than that of any other birds.

Garuda birds would also protect the tiny birds like sparrows, crows and parrots, whenever they face any problems while flying on the skies. Some Garuda Birds would even sit on the top of the Vishnu temple Towers, and some of them would even raise a melodious noise, whenever the temple bell rings! In some Vishnu, Krishna and Rama Temples, we could see the statues of Lord Garuda on the top of the temple tower, who would appear in the form of bowing posture. Ancient Garuda devotees would never lock down the main gates of their homes, since they strongly believe that those who worship Lord Garuda need not get afraid of thieves! (GARUDAN IRUKKA THIRUDAN BAYAMILLAI).

Garuda birds can be befriended by us, if we develop great bhakti and faith on Lord Vishnu. Garuda birds would also interact with the celestials like Gandharvas, Kinnaras and Devas, while flying on the skies. All the Garuda birds are said to be the descendants of the Divine Garuda Bird, and they would never harm anyone. Worshipping the Garuda Bird would bring all kinds of prosperity to us, and we would be able to lead a healthy, wealthy and happy life.

Hence, whenever we get an opportunity of seeing the Garuda Bird on the skies let our mouth recite the Vishnu Mantra, “OM NAMO NARAYANA”, and let us bow our hands, in order to show our great respect to the sacred Garuda Bird.


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