Savata Mali | Ardent devotee of Vithoba

Savata Mali was a Hindu saint and an ardent devotee of Lord Vithoba. He was born in 1250 in a village near pandharpur. He was a friend and an admirer of Namdev, a devotee of Vithoba. At his younger age itself, Savata has got married to a pious and a holy lady from a nearby […]

Pandharpur Temple Mahatmya | Significance of Pandharpur Vithoba

Pandharpur Vitthala

The Vithoba Temple, also known as Shri Vitthal-Rukmini Mandir and also it is simply called by the devotees as Pandharpur Temple or as Pandarpur Panduranga Temple, is a Krishna temple situated in Maharashtra. Lord Vithoba, is a form of Lord Krishna, and his consort is Ma Rukmini who is popularly called as Rakhumai. The temple […]

Sant Sanjana Sarugar

Sant Sanjana Sarugar (16th century AD) was a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna. He was born at a village in Pandharpur, Maharashtra in a pious rich Hindu family, and his father was a landlord. During his young age, he even used to graze his own cattle and would take over it to the nearby grass […]

Nanibai, Staunch devotee of Panduranga

Nanibai was the daughter of the 15th-century Saint and Panduranga Devotee, Sri Narsi Mehta. Similar to her father, she also dedicated her life in composing wonderful poems on Lord Krishna. Her Bhajans were very popular during her period, and she was born in the present day Gujarat. One of her best work on Lord Krishna […]

Rukmabai | Staunch devotee of Panduranga

Rukmabai (14th century AD) was a staunch devotee of Lord Panduranga, and she was born in a village in Maharashtra. Her Panduranga bhakti is considered similar to MuktiBai, MeeraBai and ChakkuBai. She was born to a pious Brahmin parents, and her father had served as a Veena player under the then king of Maharashtra. She […]

Bhakta Bhagu

Bhagu was a female Varkari Saint and a great poet. Though she belonged to the Mahar caste, she got good knowledge in penning bhakti poems on Lord Vittal, a form of Lord Krishna. She was born in a village in Maharashtra, in a lower caste, to a pious Hindu couple. Her father was a potter, […]

Sant Bhagwan Das

Pandharpur is the holy abode of Lord Vithoba, and it is located in Maharashtra. Notable saints like Dnyaneshwar, Namdev and Tukaram’s holy feet touched the divine Pandharpur, and made the temple city into most auspicious. Similar to them, during the 18th century AD, there was a famous Warkari Saint, who lived in Pandharpur, and his […]

Sant Kotnaka Suru

Sant Kotnaka Suru (15th Century AD) was born in a village in Maharashtra in a lower class community, and his family business was making of earthen pots. Though he was a poor person, he never worried about his family status, but kept sincere bhakti on Lord Vithoba. During annual festivals, he used to visit Pandharpur […]

Sant Bhadurdasa

Bhadurdasa was a 17th century saint, he was born in a village in Maharashtra, and he was a great devotee of Lord Vittala, a form of Lord Krishna. He was born in a lower caste, and he has done gardening job in the homes of rich landlords, and also cultivated food crops in their farm […]

Sant KaluDev

Sant KaluDev was born in the present day Maharashtra, and he belongs to Fisherman community. He was also a great varkari saint similar to Namdev, Dyaneswar and Eknath. From his young age onwards, he used to catch fishes from the nearby lake, for earning some money for his family, and in the remaining time, he […]

Mad devotees in Hinduism

Many of the ancient devotees in Hinduism are considered as mad with regard to their bhakti on the almighty. They would forget about hunger, about their body and everything surrounds them. Their main aim is to worship the god whole heartedly, to sing in praise of him, and they would dance like a small child […]

Devu Mali | Vithoba’s ardent devotee

Devu Mali was an 11th-century saint, and a great devotee of Lord Vithoba. His son, Parasu and his grandson Savata Mali were ardent devotees of Lord Vithoba, a form of Lord Krishna. Devu Mali lived in Solapur, Maharashtra, and he was a farmer who owned agriculture lands. Once Devu Mali had a divine vision of […]

Sant Vijja | Ardent devotee of Vitthala

Vijja was a 8th century female poet who was born in a village in the present day Maharashtra. She was a staunch devotee of Lord Vittal, a form of Lord Krishna. She spent her childhood days, by playing with the idol of Vittal, and treated the great Lord Vittal as her friend. At her young […]

Vidyananda Bhosle | Devotee of Pandharpur Panduranga Vittala

Vidyananda Bhosle was lived before 500 years ago at Pandharpur, Maharashtra, and he was a staunch devotee of Lord Vittal. He was a great scholar and learned Vedas, Shastras and Upanishads, and also taught it to others. Due to his vast knowledge in divine subjects, he has become proud, and began to consider himself as […]

Sant Kashiba Maharaj | Kashiba Gurav

Sant Kashiba Maharaj (13th century AD) also known as Gurav Maharaj, was born in a village in Maharashtra in a pious Hindu Brahmin family, and he eagerly served in a Shiva Temple as a Temple Priest, worshipped the god, performed pujas, and also warmly welcomed the villagers to the temple, without seeing their caste, creed […]

Vittaldas Jayakrishna Deekshithar

Brahmashri Vittaldas Jayakrishna Deekshithar, was born in Tamil Nadu, in a pious Hindu family, and he is the son of Brahmashri Rama Deekshithar. Vittaldas is one of the disciples of Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal, and Vittaldas learnt Vedas and Hindu holy texts in a proper manner, and visited holy temples of Lord Krishna. His guru, […]

Sant Sakhubai

Sant Sakhubai was the daughter of a poor couple in Pandharpur. She was born a few hundred years ago in Pandharpur. Her parents were very humble and straight forward in nature. They were very sincere devotees of Lord Panduranga. They always worship him with pure bhakti in their mind. LIFE She was fully involved in […]

Sri Ranga Puri | Vithoba’s ardent devotee

Sri Ranga Puri (15th century AD) was an ardent devotee of Lord Vithoba, and he lived in Pandharpur. He used to regularly visit Lord Vithoba at the Pandharpur temple. Once, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu met Sri Ranga Puri at Pandharpur on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River, and Sri Ranga Puri requested Sri Chaitanya to have […]

Bhakta Joga, devotee of Lord Vithoba

Joga was born in Barsi in Solapur of Maharashtra. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Vital from his childhood, and spent hours together in the temple by chanting his glorious names, and used to circumambulate the Panduranga temple for several times. He also visited several holy saints and got their immense blessings. He was […]