Sant Vijja | Ardent devotee of Vitthala

Vijja was a 8th century female poet who was born in a village in the present day Maharashtra. She was a staunch devotee of Lord Vittal, a form of Lord Krishna. She spent her childhood days, by playing with the idol of Vittal, and treated the great Lord Vittal as her friend.

At her young age, her parents planned to conduct marriage for her. After knowing about this, the young child ran away from her house, and went to the Pandharpur temple, and joyfully worshipped her beloved Lord Vittal and stayed nearby the Pandharpur temple by constructing a hut with the help of the temple priest, and the devotees.

Vijja used to tie the flowers and made it into beautiful garlands, and offered it to Lord Vittal. The temple priest provided food to the noble girl, and taken care of her, as his own daughter. She learnt the devotional texts from the temple priest, and also learned music. At her teenage, she started writing poems on Lord Vittal, and sang in front of Vittal at the Panduranga Temple.

After serving Lord Vittal for many years, at her old age, she died and attained salvation through the grace of Lord Vittal.

Some of the verses from her poems are as follows:

1. We are fortunate to see Lord Krishna in the form of Vittal, who is residing in Pandharpur, and dwells in the heart of his devotees.

2. If we have the grace of Lord Vittal, our bad karmas would be burnt into ashes.

3. Lord Vittal would be pleased only if we show our true devotion on him.

4. Believe him as a great god, and show your great respects on him.

5. By worshipping Vittal, we can be free from illusions, and worldly bondage.

6. Know about his kindness, bow before him and worship him wholeheartedly.

7. Consider yourself as the servant of Lord Krishna.

8. All the living beings in the earth are able to live their life peacefully, only through the grace of Lord Vittal.

9. Vittal Mahaprabhu is expecting only the true love from us, and nothing more else.


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