Sant KaluDev

Sant KaluDev was born in the present day Maharashtra, and he belongs to Fisherman community. He was also a great varkari saint similar to Namdev, Dyaneswar and Eknath. From his young age onwards, he used to catch fishes from the nearby lake, for earning some money for his family, and in the remaining time, he used to concentrate his attention on worshipping Lord Vithoba.

After attaining teenage, he left his family occupation, and began to serve as a labourer in the farm fields, and during his leisure hours, he learned music and got good knowledge to write wonderful songs on Lord Vithoba. His songs attracted large number of people and by the devotees of Lord Vithoba. He used to visit Pandharpur and would sing excellent songs on Lord Vithoba by standing outside the gates of the Panduranga Temple.

Once, he had the divine vision of Lord Panduranga, who came in the form of an old man, and he heard some lovely songs on Vithoba, from the mouth of Kalu Dev. The old man nodded his head, appreciated his bhakti on Panduranga, and vanished from that place. After getting the darshan of the Lord, KaluDev’s mind was filled up with full of happiness and he began to dance and dance on that entire day. News began to spread in and around Maharashtra, and soon he had large number of followers.

Though he was gifted lot of wealth by the rich landlords, he hesitated, and asked them to donate it to the Vithoba Temple. He lived a very simple life by taking only one meal a day, and spent his each every moment towards writing and singing glorious songs on Lord Vithoba. He was also tested by a few rich people and by the king of Maharashtra with regard to his devotion on Vithoba. But he had won in their tests, and proved his sincere bhakti on Panduranga.

After living a noble life for many years, Sant KaluDev had attained salvation after his death.
Though he was not much known Varkari Saint similar to Thukaram and Gora Kumbhar, his devotion on Lord Krishna is unimaginable and unthinkable by us. We must also try to become a great devotee of Lord Krishna, similar to the Varkari saints, in order to attain salvation after our death.

Let us praise the great saint and be blessed.


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