Vidyananda Bhosle | Devotee of Pandharpur Panduranga Vittala

Vidyananda Bhosle was lived before 500 years ago at Pandharpur, Maharashtra, and he was a staunch devotee of Lord Vittal. He was a great scholar and learned Vedas, Shastras and Upanishads, and also taught it to others. Due to his vast knowledge in divine subjects, he has become proud, and began to consider himself as the most knowledgeable person in Pandharpur. He also participated in the debates with scholars and won in that.

He used to conduct divine discourses in the Panduranga Temple at Pandharpur, and also sang mesmerizing songs on Lord Vittal. He used to regularly perform Annadanam at the Pandharpur Temple during Saturdays to the devotees. On one Saturday, at the Panduranga temple, a beggar, who was suffering from leprosy had approached Bhosle and asked to provide food for him. On seeing his ugly face and the wounds on his body, Bhosle had refused to offer food to him, and began to provide food to the other devotees.

On seeing this, the beggar who was suffering from hungriness, prayed to Lord Panduranga, and cried at him, by telling about his situation. After a short time, a small boy approached the beggar, and gave him a food packet, which contains the holy Prasad of Lord Vittal, and he immediately ran away from that place. Very soon, the beggar had realized that the boy was none other than Lord Vittal, and joyful tears began to flow from his eyes and with great happiness, he ate the divine Prasad offered by the almighty, and after finishing his food, the beggar was completely relieved from leprosy. Bhosle also noticed about the incident, and he felt ashamed for his act, and immediately he fell down at the feet of the beggar, and asked to forgive him.

The beggar pardoned Bhosle, and after that, both of them were become good friends, and spent their time in worshipping and singing songs on Vittal, and after their death, they have reached the lotus feet of Lord Vittal.


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