Bhakta Joga, devotee of Lord Vithoba

Joga was born in Barsi in Solapur of Maharashtra. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Vital from his childhood, and spent hours together in the temple by chanting his glorious names, and used to circumambulate the Panduranga temple for several times. He also visited several holy saints and got their immense blessings. He was an oil merchant.

At his teenage, Joga has lost interest in living in this world, and he doesn’t find any use in living in a normal manner, and doing the routine things in his life. Due to that he used to worship Panduranga, and speak to him, and tell his worries. Panduranga would appear in his dream, and used to tell him to have bhakti with him throughout in his life, in order to attain SALVATION after his death. He also followed the advice of Panduranga, and remained a staunch devotee till the end of his life, and attained SALVATION after his death.

Once he met a saint, and he gave important teachings to Joga in order to get spiritual bliss in his life, and also he asked him to compose and sing songs in favour of Lord Vital.

Joga’s Kirthanas were written by Saint Vithoba. And one of his devotional songs was found in the Sikh religious book.

Some verses from the collection of his devotional songs are as follows:

1. Oh! The great Lord Krishna, you are affectionately called by your devotees in various names, such as Vitala, Vithoba, Pandarinatha, Krishna, Madhava and Madhusudana.

2. By thinking you and by singing your songs, my heart is filled up with full of joy, which I could not get anywhere else!

3. Oh Vitala! Treat me as your servant, and always place me under your feet! That’s my only wish!

4. Vitala you are showing your love and affection to your sincere devotees, and you are making them to cross the ocean of life. Your powers are immeasurable and incomparable by anyone!

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.

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