Sant Bhadurdasa

Bhadurdasa was a 17th century saint, he was born in a village in Maharashtra, and he was a great devotee of Lord Vittala, a form of Lord Krishna. He was born in a lower caste, and he has done gardening job in the homes of rich landlords, and also cultivated food crops in their farm lands. Though he was a poor person, he showed his sincere interest on Lord Vittala, and spent his free time in singing glorious songs on Lord Krishna.

His wife was a pious and a chaste woman and he had children, and his entire family were ardent devotees of Lord Vittal. Though he was not allowed to enter into the temples of Lord Vittal, every year, during Krishna Jayanti festival day, he used to travel to Pandharpur along with family, by taking cooked food with him, and in the outside of the shrine, he would keep his cooked food as the offering of holy Prasad to Lord Vittala, would pray to him wholeheartedly for some time along with his family, and he would sing songs, and dance with full of happiness, and after some time, he would consume the food items brought by him.
Bhadurdasa had sung lot of songs in praise of Lord Vittala, and he is considered similar to famous Varkari saints like Tukaram, Savatamali and Sant Namdev.

Some of the verses from his beautiful songs are as follows:

1. Oh my beloved Panduranga! You are the Supreme god, and gives utmost happiness to us.

2. Oh my sweet Panduranga! You look very handsome and you are a knowledgeable person, who is superior than the four headed Lord Brahma.

3. Oh! The great lotus eyed Panduranga! Please keep me away from worldly life, and make me to concentrate only on you, you and you alone.

4. Oh! Panduranga! You have stolen the hearts of millions and millions of your devotees through your lovely smile.

5. Oh! My wonderful Panduranga! There is no beginning and end for you.

6. Panduranga and Rukmini are our affectionate parents, who would rescue us during the times of difficulties.

7. Your body is covered with precious ornaments and you are decorated with beautiful flowers, and you look like a shining sun.


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