Devu Mali | Vithoba’s ardent devotee

Devu Mali was an 11th-century saint, and a great devotee of Lord Vithoba. His son, Parasu and his grandson Savata Mali were ardent devotees of Lord Vithoba, a form of Lord Krishna. Devu Mali lived in Solapur, Maharashtra, and he was a farmer who owned agriculture lands.

Once Devu Mali had a divine vision of Lord Vithoba, and from then onwards, he had become a staunch devotee of Vithoba. He used to visit temples of Lord Krishna and sung songs in praise of him. Even while doing farm work in his agriculture fields, he used to think only about Vithoba, and he has dedicated his entire life on worshipping Lord Vithoba.

Some of the verses from his poems are as follows:

1. Oh Lord Vithoba! Please be with me, and take me along with you after my death.

2. Even if I born again, at least I want to be born as a small dust particle in my next birth, and must lie on your lotus feet at Pandharpur temple.

3. Please give me the boon of never forgetting you even for a single moment in my life.

4. So far I have constructed lot of lovely temples of Vithoba in my heart.

5. Oh! Vithoba please give me lot of sufferings in my life. Then only I would never forget you.

6. In each and every thing, I can see the divine vision of Lord Vithoba. I can see him, even in my food, in my clothes and in my heart.

7. The joyful moments of my life is by dancing and singing on Lord Krishna.

8. I am very much jealous with the Gopikas, who had got the opportunity to spend most of their time with Lord Krishna. Similar to them, I also want to get the divine touch of Lord Krishna.

9. I request all the people in the world, to experience the happiness in worshipping, meditating and praising of Lord Krishna.


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