Sant Sanjana Sarugar

Sant Sanjana Sarugar (16th century AD) was a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna. He was born at a village in Pandharpur, Maharashtra in a pious rich Hindu family, and his father was a landlord. During his young age, he even used to graze his own cattle and would take over it to the nearby grass lands. He was an excellent player of Flute, and in his flute, he used to play the wonderful songs of Lord Krishna.

Due to his great Krishna Bhakti, he was disinterested in worldly affairs, and he even didn’t look after his lands in a proper manner. At the time of harvest, he used to allow the birds and cows to enter into his paddy fields, and willfully makes them to eat the fresh grains. The birds and animals would raise a type of beautiful sound, and would pleasantly eat the grains, by having a happy look at the young Sanjana Sarugar. Initially his father had tried to correct him, but since Sarugar didn’t respond to his father’s words, his father had stopped sending him to the farm lands! But, however after the death of his parents, very soon, he was cheated by his neighbours, and they had also claimed ownership to all of the lands which the pious Sanjana Sarugar has possessed. Being a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna, he himself has willfully given all of his lands to his neighbours, and with his small belongings he left his village, constructed a small hut near the Holy Pandharpur Temple, and began to do some odd jobs in some shops like cleaning and sweeping.

He was also appointed as a night security guard in one shop which sells provisions. Though he was doing his job in a better manner, but, however, one day night, when he was taking rest for some time in the outside of the shop, some burglars were entered into the shop, took the cash, and fled away from that place. The poor Sanjana didn’t notice it, since even while he was taking rest he was chanting the Mantra, “SRI VITTAL MAHAPRABHU KI JAI”.

Next day morning, when the shop owner had noticed that the cash kept in the box was missing, he has enquired about it to Sri Sanjana. Since Sanjana didn’t notice the entry of burglars, he said, that he was not aware about the incident. Immediately, the matter was reported to the then king of Pandharpur. But, the king didn’t make proper enquiry, and he immediately ordered his soldiers to cut both of the hands of Sanjana. But, the great Bhagavata, Sri Sanjana didn’t show any sign of pain, since he was praising Lord Vittal, even during the time, when his hands were being chopped off. To the surprise of everybody, soon, the chopped portion of arms were miraculously attached to his hands. On seeing this wonderful incident, the king had sought apology to Sanjana, and also made him as a chief priest to the Pandharpur Krishna Temple, and with great devotion, Sant Sanjana Sarugar had discharged his duties in a marvellous manner till the time of his death.

After the death of Sanjana, his soul was merged with Lord Krishna.


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