Sant Sakhubai

Sant Sakhubai was the daughter of a poor couple in Pandharpur. She was born a few hundred years ago in Pandharpur. Her parents were very humble and straight forward in nature. They were very sincere devotees of Lord Panduranga. They always worship him with pure bhakti in their mind.


She was fully involved in a deep sense of devotion to God. At a very young age itself, she started doing puja in her home, and assisted her mother towards the daily house hold activities like cooking and maintaining the house. Sakhubai was a kind, and a good natured girl. Soon she was married to a rich man, who was a miser and treated her badly using harsh words. She was ill-treated by her mother-in-law also, and was allowed to eat the left overs in their house.


She was not worried about the troubles given to her by her husband and in laws. She has done all her house hold duties sincerely by chanting the names of Lord Krishna. Though she was not well, due to the ill-treatment caused by her mother in law, yet she didn’t lost hope and showed more attention on worshipping Lord Krishna.

One day she has asked permission to go to Pandharphar along with a group of devotees to her husband and her in laws. But she was not permitted to go, but instead she was beaten up badly by her husband. But Lord Krishna came to her house in her appearance and asked her to join with the troupe of devotees who are going to Pandharpur.

She went to Pandharpur and had the darshan of Lord Vittal with much happiness and enjoyment. Lord Krishna, who was in the appearance of Sakhubai, served her husband and her mother in law in a proper manner.And the Lord in the form of Sakhubai has done all the house hold chores properly similar to that of Sakhubai.

Finally, after knowing about all the incidents, her husband and her mother in law were realized about their mistakes, and were known about the greatness of Sakhubai and Lord Krishna.
The Lord blessed her entire family and they attained Moksha after their death.


Sakhubai is an incomparable woman, who forgives the problems given by her husband and in laws, and who prays for their wellbeing to Lord Krishna. She maintained a very great patience and showed respect to all the people. She was soft spoken and a very good woman, who considers Lord Krishna as everything. And she finds Lord Krishna in everybody, and was very much delighted in worshipping him. Let us develop such kind of habit similar to that of Sakhubai, in order to attain “SALVATION”. Let us worship her and be blessed.


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