Sant Kotnaka Suru

Sant Kotnaka Suru (15th Century AD) was born in a village in Maharashtra in a lower class community, and his family business was making of earthen pots. Though he was a poor person, he never worried about his family status, but kept sincere bhakti on Lord Vithoba. During annual festivals, he used to visit Pandharpur Temple, and he used to stand outside the temple, and would get satisfied by seeing the Temple Gopuram itself.

With his meager income, every Saturday, with the help of his wife, he used to prepare the holy Prasad, some delicious north Indian sweets at his home, and would offer it to the picture of Lord Vithoba, and then only he used to take his morning breakfast. He also used to feed food to the poor people, and sometimes he and his family would go to the bed without taking any food. Lord Vithoba was very much satisfied with his great devotee, and hence he wanted to test him.

One day Lord Vithoba came in the form of an old man, and he asked for food to Kotnaka and his wife. Since there were no provisions in his home, he went to his garden, and picked up some Brinjal and his wife had cooked the rice, and offered it with the Brinjal curry to the old man. The old man had the food, and appreciated him for his good nature, and revealed his true form to the blessed couple, and after a few minutes, he disappeared from that place.

Kotnaka and his wife were very much excited and they knew no bounds to express their happiness. Soon he has started a Seva Mandali in his home, and with the help of his village people, he performed Vittal bhajans during Saturdays and Sundays, and on other auspicious days. He prepared holy Prasad items for Lord Vithoba, and after offering it to Vithoba, he used to distribute it to the Vittal devotees. He began to sing songs in praise of Vittal, and remained as a humble servant to the great god.

After a few years, he and his family settled down in Pandharpur, and he lived his remaining life in that holy place, by hearing the temple bell sounds and by hearing the Vedic chants and divine songs from the temple.

After living for many years, he and his family had attained the lotus feet of Lord Vithoba.


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