Mad devotees in Hinduism

Many of the ancient devotees in Hinduism are considered as mad with regard to their bhakti on the almighty. They would forget about hunger, about their body and everything surrounds them. Their main aim is to worship the god whole heartedly, to sing in praise of him, and they would dance like a small child in front of the temples. Most of the medieval saints were the staunch devotees of Lord Krishna like Kanhopatra, Thukaram, Janabai and Meerabai. Their each and every cell chanted the glories of Lord Vittal, a form of Lord Krishna, and Vittal has shown his divine vision for them, due to their bhakti.

Lord Hanuman is a great devotee of Lord Rama, and for several millions of years, he is chanting the Rama Mantra, and he acts as an example for others. He is considered as a mad devotee of Lord Rama, and his entire thoughts are about Lord Rama only. Still now, he used to sing and dance by chanting the Rama Mantra, and he is believed to be living in a cave at the Holy Mountain Himalayas.

The great Varkari saint Chokamela’s entire family members were the devotees of Lord Vittal. His wife Soyarabai, his sister Nirmala and her husband Banka, and his son Karmamela were all devoted their life in worshipping Lord VittalMahaprabhu. It is believed that after the death of Chokamela, his bones chanted the name of Lord Vittal, and due to that, the bones were buried nearby the Vittal temple at Pandharpur.

The great saint and Amman devotee Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra used to wander in the streets in a naked form, and due to that, people called him as a mad man. He also installed the Amman deity at Punnainallur Mariamman Temple located near Thanjavur. He contains lot of spiritual powers, healed the diseases of the people, and brought happiness in their lives.

The 19th century saint Sri Seshadri Swamigal who lived in Tiruvannamalai used to behave like a mad man, and initially people considered him to be a mad man due to his peculiar behaviour. He used to wear a dirty dhoti, and regularly visit some shops at Thiruvannamalai. Whenever he touches any item in the shop, then that entire day big business would be there. He is such a great saint, who is a sincere devotee of Lord Annamalaiyar, a form of Lord Shiva and Unnamalaiamman, a form of Mata Shakti Devi.

Due to the existence of the mad devotees in the past periods, now we are able to lead a peaceful life. If we think them regularly, we would get their immediate blessings, and we can live happily and peacefully for ever in our life.


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