Temple Tank | Temple Pond | Pushkarini | Kundam | Kalyani | Sarovaram | Tirtham

Temple tanks are also known as Temple pond, Temple wells or reservoirs which would form part of the temples. They are also called as pushkarini, kalyani, kunda, sarovara, and tirtha. Some temple tanks are considered as very pious and holy, and they are meant to cure various diseases of the devotees, when they take bath. […]

Chariot | Ratham | Ratha

rukmini krishna story

A chariot is a type of ancient vehicle, driven by an experienced charioteer, with the help of well trained horses in order to travel from one place to another. Chariots were used by the armies during the times of battles, and ancient kings used to travel using a sophisticated golden chariot. During the Kurukshetra war, […]

Madapalli | Temple Kitchens

Madapalli means the kitchen present in the temples, and Madapalli in Perumal Temples are considered as very famous, and the prasadam prepared by the temple cooks like curd rice and tamarind rice would be very delicious, and most of the Hindu devotees would prefer to eat the “PERUMAL KOIL PULIYODARAI”, during Margazhi Month. The word […]

Pradakshina | Circumambulation | Why we do Pradakshina in Temples

Circumambulation of temples refers to the act of walking inside and outside of the temples, and also it refers to doing Girivalam in the Holy Mountain Arunachala. Circumambulation of temples is considered as apart of worship in the Hindu Temples.During my young age, I used to circumabulate Sri Parasuramalingeswarar Temple at Ayanavaram for several times, […]

Shatagopam | Shadari | Chadari | Sadagopam

Shadari is a kind of metal object, which would look similar to the crown of the ancient kings. It would be placed on the heads of the devotees in Vishnu temples by the temple priests, after the darshan of the deities. It is a kind of blessing activity by the almighty to his devotees. During […]

Hundi | Hundial | Cash Collection Box in Temple

A Hundi also called as Hundial is a cash collection box which is kept in most of the temples, in order to put the cash offerings by the devotees. Hundis would be locked, and Hundi income contributes a major source of income for the temples. Usually Hundis would be opened once in a few months, […]

Pathayathirai | Visiting Temples by Walking

Pathayathirai means visiting the temples by way of walk. Devotees used to do Pathayathirai to various temples from their homes. Most of the devotees would visit Palani and Tirupati by way of walk. This system is practicable since ancient times, and before few centuries, when there was no transportation facilities, devotees must necessarily have to […]

Decoration of Deities | Why Decoration of Idols is important in Hindu Dharma?

Decoration of deities is a good task. Similar to decorating ourselves and our children, we must have to decorate the divine deities also, based on our financial status. In most of the Hindu temples, the deities would wear rich costumes, costly necklaces and would be adorned with flowers and flower garlands. Among the gods and […]

Ghanta in Temple | Temple Bell

Ghanta is the other name for ritual bell used in the Hindu religious places and in the homes of Hindu devotees. The ringing of the bell produces the sound of “OM”. ‘Om’ is an eternal, universal sound, the Brahman and it denotes the supreme spirit, also called as almighty. Hindu temples generally have one big […]

Gopuram | Temple Gopuram | Temple Towers

A Gopuram is an entrance tower, and it is located at the entrance of the Hindu temples, and it also forms part of the temples. Kalashams would be found at the top of the Gopuram. The towering structure located towards the centre of the temple is the Vimanam. Temple Gopuram is constructed as per the […]

Temple Vahanas | Vehicles of Processional Deities

Temple Vahanas would be found before the idol of the deities. Lord Nandikeshwara would be seated in a good looking posture, and he would keep on watching the idol of his divine master Lord Shiva, without even blinking his eyes. Similarly Lord Garuda also used to appear before the idol of Lord Vishnu. In Murugan […]

Ancient Temple Inscriptions

Ancient temple inscriptions are found in most of the ancient temple walls, and also the inscriptions would be carved out in stones also. And they would give the correct picture about the details of the temple history like the name of the builder, construction date and the period of completion etc. Generally ancient temples were […]

Dwajasthambam | Bali Peetam

A Dwajasthambam also called as kodimaram is a flagstaff, which is found in most of the Hindu temples. When we enter into the temple we can find the Bali Peetam situated near the Dwajasthambam. The word Bali means “Sacrifice”. Unfortunately, the meaning has been misunderstood and people used to sacrifice the animals inside the temple […]

Garbhagriha | Sanctum Sanctorum of Temple

Garbhagriha is the main Sanctum of the chief deity of the temple. Although the term is related mainly with Hindu temples, it is also associated with Jain and Buddhist temples.The room has a single entrance, without any windows. It is usually constructed in a spacious manner, in order to be seen by the worshippers outside. […]