Pradakshina | Circumambulation | Why we do Pradakshina in Temples

Circumambulation of temples refers to the act of walking inside and outside of the temples, and also it refers to doing Girivalam in the Holy Mountain Arunachala. Circumambulation of temples is considered as apart of worship in the Hindu Temples.During my young age, I used to circumabulate Sri Parasuramalingeswarar Temple at Ayanavaram for several times, […]

Decoration of Deities | Why Decoration of Idols is important in Hindu Dharma?

Decoration of deities is a good task. Similar to decorating ourselves and our children, we must have to decorate the divine deities also, based on our financial status. In most of the Hindu temples, the deities would wear rich costumes, costly necklaces and would be adorned with flowers and flower garlands. Among the gods and […]

Lets offer Silk Kaupeenam to Palani Murugan

Lets offer Silk Kaupeenam to Palani Murugan.. Let’s cheerfully offer silk Kaupeenam (Ancient under wear) to Lord Palani Murugan also famously called as Lord Dhandayudapani Swamy, in order to sanctify Lord Muruga. As per ancient legend, due to the Mango issue, Lord Muruga had playfully removed his costly garments, and wore only a Kaupeenam, an […]

Lets Cheerfully Visit Temples

Lets Cheerfully Visit Temples. Let’s cheerfully visit the worship places like temples and Holy Mutts, in order to purify ourselves and to get rid from our sins and diseases. Temples gives great calmness and peacefulness to us, which we would not get even in entertainment places like Cinema Theatres, Recreation Centres and in the Beaches! […]

Is it compulsory to Take bath prior to Temple Visit

Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple

Yes. It is a must to take bath during the time of our visit to temples and Holy Mutts, since strict cleanliness must be observed, while worshipping the deities in the temples. Likewise, females during the period of their menstrual cycle, must not visit temples, since it is considered as a bad act to visit […]

Lets Donate for Temple related Activities

Let us generously donate towards temple related activities like performance of annadanam, vastradanam, Godanam etc. Devotees can also reduce their jolly trips for sight-purposes, and instead of that, with their surplus money, they could do some spiritual oriented activities. Spending our time towards entertainment activities is also necessary to reduce our mental stress, but at […]

Clearly observe deities during our Temple Darshan

Clearly observe deities during our Temple Darshan.. Whenever we visit the temples, let’s clearly and closely observe the deities, since the very purpose of our visit itself depends only on our darshan of the deities, and that too, in case of TirumalaSri Venkateswara Temple, we must have to carefully observe our beloved Lord Venkateswara deity […]

Abhishekam in Temples | Holy Bath to Deities in Temples

Is it a must in doing holy bath to the deities in the temples? This would be the question of some people, and some of them used to tell, “When plenty of poor children suffers from hungry, even without drinking a single cup of milk, then is it necessary to waste the milk by performing […]

Hearing of Temple Bells Sound

Hearing of temple bell sound is a good activity. Before entering into the temples, it is always highly recommended to ring the temple bell, which would be kept inside the temple premises. Ringing the temple bell gives positive vibrations, and it would even chase the evil spirits, negative and evil thoughts! While ringing the temple […]

Kumbhabhishekam | Consecration Ceremony of Hindu Temple

kumbhabhishekam also known as Consecration ceremony, is a famous ritual held in the temples, once in 12 years, in order to add more spiritual powers to the deities present in the temple, and it is also performed in order to honour, and to pay our great respects to the almighty.During the time of Kumbabhishekam, Holy […]

Dont stay in the place where Temples are not present

As per ancient Tamil Proverb, we should not stay in the place where temples are not built. This proverb stresses the significance of temples which has to be built all over the world. Ancient kings were built thousands of temples as per the orders of the almighty. Gods and goddesses would appear in the dreams […]

Anga Pradakshina

Pradakshina means circumambulating the temples, by walking in the form of a circle, and it is a form of worship. Anga Pradakshina means the devotee must lie prostrate and roll around the temple. Usually this type of Pradakshina would be done by wearing wet clothes. This is one of the noble acts for fulfilling our […]

Tonsure | Head Tonsuring in Temples

Tonsure is the practice of removing the hair on our head. Usually tonsuring would be done by the people in the temples after their wishes getting fulfilled. Tonsure would also be done by the people who suffer from severe dandruff on their hair. If we mentioned the word Tonsure, immediately we would remember tonsuring done […]

Tulabharam | Famous Ritual in Temples

Tulabharam is an act of giving one’s weight’s equivalent in gold, fruit, sugar, rice or other grains, to the almighty. It is a famous ritual that was followed in many temples and also in Mutts like Mantralayam Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, and this system was in practice since the previous Dwapara Yuga. Tulabharam is done in […]

Temple Tank | Temple Pond | Pushkarini | Kundam | Kalyani | Sarovaram | Tirtham

Temple tanks are also known as Temple pond, Temple wells or reservoirs which would form part of the temples. They are also called as pushkarini, kalyani, kunda, sarovara, and tirtha. Some temple tanks are considered as very pious and holy, and they are meant to cure various diseases of the devotees, when they take bath. […]

Chariot | Ratham | Ratha

rukmini krishna story

A chariot is a type of ancient vehicle, driven by an experienced charioteer, with the help of well trained horses in order to travel from one place to another. Chariots were used by the armies during the times of battles, and ancient kings used to travel using a sophisticated golden chariot. During the Kurukshetra war, […]

Madapalli | Temple Kitchens

Madapalli means the kitchen present in the temples, and Madapalli in Perumal Temples are considered as very famous, and the prasadam prepared by the temple cooks like curd rice and tamarind rice would be very delicious, and most of the Hindu devotees would prefer to eat the “PERUMAL KOIL PULIYODARAI”, during Margazhi Month. The word […]

Shatagopam | Shadari | Chadari | Sadagopam

Shadari is a kind of metal object, which would look similar to the crown of the ancient kings. It would be placed on the heads of the devotees in Vishnu temples by the temple priests, after the darshan of the deities. It is a kind of blessing activity by the almighty to his devotees. During […]

Hundi | Hundial | Cash Collection Box in Temple

A Hundi also called as Hundial is a cash collection box which is kept in most of the temples, in order to put the cash offerings by the devotees. Hundis would be locked, and Hundi income contributes a major source of income for the temples. Usually Hundis would be opened once in a few months, […]

Pathayathirai | Visiting Temples by Walking

Pathayathirai means visiting the temples by way of walk. Devotees used to do Pathayathirai to various temples from their homes. Most of the devotees would visit Palani and Tirupati by way of walk. This system is practicable since ancient times, and before few centuries, when there was no transportation facilities, devotees must necessarily have to […]