Pradakshina | Circumambulation | Why we do Pradakshina in Temples

Pradakshina in Chilkur Temple

Pradakshina in Chilkur Temple

Circumambulation of temples refers to the act of walking inside and outside of the temples, and also it refers to doing Girivalam in the Holy Mountain Arunachala. Circumambulation of temples is considered as apart of worship in the Hindu Temples.During my young age, I used to circumabulate Sri Parasuramalingeswarar Temple at Ayanavaram for several times, and due to that, I got good strength on my legs.

Circumambulation is done in the clockwise direction and it can be done for any number of times, according to our wish. While walking in the temples we must have to chant the slokas and the names of the deities. This system was in practice since ancient times. The great Alwars and Nayanmars had circumambulated the temples of their beloved deities for hundreds of times regularly.

Circumambulation also called as Pradakshina is followed even by Sikh, Jain and Buddhist people, in order to express their devotion on the almighty. Circumambulation is also performed by the pilgrims of Kailash, Amarnath, Kedarnath and Badrinath temple.According to legend, in order to win in the battle, the great Pandavas went to many holy temples and circumambulated the deities as per the advice given by Lord Krishna.

We can also circumambulate in our nearest temples, and especially in the Navagraha shrines of Lord Shiva temples. The great Muruga Devotee Sri Kripananda Variar, during his child hood, had suffered from severe leg pain.And hence, he circumambulated in a Murugan temple for several months, and due to that, he had completely relieved from his leg pain.

Most of the people are doing their morning and evening walks in the parks and in the busy main roads. Instead of doing like that, they can visit and worship the deities in their nearby temples, and can circumambulate the various shrines of the temple deities for 108 times. By doing that, they would get the feeling of doing physical exercise, as well as they would get great spiritual pleasure in their mind and body.

God has given brain for everybody. But we are not utilizing it properly, and for our own sufferings, we are blaming the god, and also cursing him. Instead of doing like that, let us cultivate the regular habit of visiting and worshipping the deities in the temples and let us circumambulate the temples as much times as we can.


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