Kumbhabhishekam | Consecration Ceremony of Hindu Temple

Kumbhabhishekam of Temple

Kumbhabhishekam of Temple

kumbhabhishekam also known as Consecration ceremony, is a famous ritual held in the temples, once in 12 years, in order to add more spiritual powers to the deities present in the temple, and it is also performed in order to honour, and to pay our great respects to the almighty.During the time of Kumbabhishekam, Holy Water would be fetched from the sacred rivers, and the deities present inside the temple, as well as the Gopura Kalasam would be bathed with the Holy water, since it is believed that the powers of the deities present even at the top of the Temple Gopuram. Apart from the temples of the deities, Kumbabhishekam is also performed in the temples of Sri Shridi Sai Baba, and Guru Raghavendra Swamy.

During the time of Kumbabhishekam, various divine mantras would be chanted, in order to please the deities. After the performance of Kumbabhishekam, temple prasad would be distributed and free food also would be offered to all the devotees in a pleasing manner.

This sacred ceremony would be performed on an auspicious day, and during that time, all the devotees would be invited by circulating notices, in order to be present and attend the holy event on the day of Kumbabhishekam. This ceremony is being performed in order to give a new life to the deities present in the temples. Kumbhabhishekham is grandly celebrated as an important festival in India, and after the performance of Kumbhabishekham, the deities would get more powers, and they would shower their divine blessings on all the devotees.

Ancient kings used to wonderfully perform the Kumbhabishekham, and they would invite all of their people to the temple, and special arrangements would be made during the time of Kumbhabishekham. Famous Chola, Chera and Pandiyan Kings have excellently performed Kumbhabishekham in the temples built by them. In our ancient Puranas, the details about Kumbhabishekham were mentioned.

At the present stage of life, it is a must for us to participate in the sacred Kumbhabishekham event held in the temples, in order to get the divine blessings of the deities, and also to get great mental satisfaction. It is also believed that during the time of performance of Kumbabishekham, the divine devas from the heaven would visit the temples in an invisible form, would worship the deities, and also would bless the devotees.


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