Lets Donate for Temple related Activities

Social Service Activities Annadanam

Social Service Activities Annadanam

Let us generously donate towards temple related activities like performance of annadanam, vastradanam, Godanam etc. Devotees can also reduce their jolly trips for sight-purposes, and instead of that, with their surplus money, they could do some spiritual oriented activities. Spending our time towards entertainment activities is also necessary to reduce our mental stress, but at the same time, we must also allocate some amount towards making donations towards doing noble activities like Consecration ceremony, repair and renovation of the temples etc.

Ancient kings have donated lot of wealth towards spiritual activities, and due to that, they have lived a healthy, wealthy and a prosperous life. But, nowadays, some rich people are reluctant to participate in the spiritual activities, with the intention that their hard earned money may not be properly utilised by the temple authorities.Hence, instead of giving donations in the form of cash, they can give donations in the form of kind, like providing building materials for construction of temples, purchase of provision items for the purpose of poor feeding in the temples, purchase of dhoti and distributing it to the temple staffs on their own hands etc.

Among all types of donations, food donation is considered as the most sacred form of donation. Hence, we can donate sufficient number of rice bags to the temples, in order to remove the hunger of the devotees. We can also purchase oil for lighting temple lamps, and apart from that, we can also purchase flowers, flower garlands and if possible, we could also gift some nice golden ornaments in order to adorn it to the temple deities.

During the period of Guru Raghavendra, even some Mughal emperors had gifted some lands to him by considering him as a divine saint, and due to that, those emperors have received nice blessings from our great Guru Raghavendra.

At the present situation of life, without putting strain, we couldn’t achieve anything in our life. Hence we must have to put some strain towards making our magnanimous donations to the temples. As per the proverb, “If we help others, then, surely, god will help us”, hence let us reduce the burden of the temple authorities, by giving donations in huge sums as much as we can.


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