Dont stay in the place where Temples are not present

As per ancient Tamil Proverb, we should not stay in the place where temples are not built. This proverb stresses the significance of temples which has to be built all over the world. Ancient kings were built thousands of temples as per the orders of the almighty.

Gods and goddesses would appear in the dreams of the kings and queens and would command them to build temples for them. In return for that, their kingdom would prosper and all the people living in the kingdom would live peacefully and happily.

But nowadays some other religious people are planning to build their own temples in front of our temples, and they are also commenting badly about our ancient temple structure. They didn’t know about the greatness of our temples, and the painstaking efforts taken by our ancient sculptors and kings.

Building temples is not an easiest task. It takes lot of time, energy and money. Several millions of years back, the great child devotees like Markandeya, Prahalada and Dhruva have also built temples for Lord Vishnu, and as a result they have attained enlightenment and they have also reached the upper divine worlds.

All over India, several millions of small and big temples are there. But in some states, the temples look in a dilapidated condition, and the priests who perform pujas are also paid very lower salary, and as a result, they are unable to perform the Pujas even for one time in a day.

It is the duties of all the Hindus to come forward together and to help to renovate the dilapidated Hindu temples, in order to make it to attain its original position.In general, if we suffer from any mental worries, we would say to our family members, “come let us go to some faraway temples and stay for some days”. Temples not only provides peace of mind, but also acts as a great entertainment place, where we can view the beautiful sculptures carved by our ancient sculptors.


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  1. sreenivasa NG Rao says:

    why can’t we make a humble beginning at some place or the other where we see or find a place of worship in a bad shape. let like minded people young or old irrespective of cast or creed come together, voluntarily plan, programme first to remove debris/clean the area so that space is available to move about, look to the history of the place or gather information of the issue, which information may enable the team to go further. Who is to bell the cat? I do not expect returns.. elders have left monuments to the next generation i.e, to the present generation. for its inheritance nothing is payable. presume that is your asset and as owner start to set right the same. meet all the locals. ask them to join for voluntary service at their convenience. Try your best to infuse confidence and trust in them. this should be modality of approach/ definitely wonders can happen. mud can be converted to gold. Hope the readers will join in large numbers, pool ideas, modalities etc. Then start working on that. This thinking does not need any money but the will and mind. Ae you people listening sorry reading this piece of information and join with me in the long journey of an indvidual of 85 years. I feel that it should not remain as a dream. Make it a reality. I can be contacted at Let us first start exchanging OUR thinking on the subject we should thank internet for this. we can do wonders. All the best to one and all of my invisible young and old friends

    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      Restoration of the old temples is the need of the hour. On behalf of, we will be readying an action plan to initiate it.