Anga Pradakshina

Anga Pradakshina

Anga Pradakshina

Pradakshina means circumambulating the temples, by walking in the form of a circle, and it is a form of worship. Anga Pradakshina means the devotee must lie prostrate and roll around the temple. Usually this type of Pradakshina would be done by wearing wet clothes. This is one of the noble acts for fulfilling our wishes.

Anga Pradakshina can be done in Tirumala and whenever we decide to do Anga Pradakshina in the holy Tirumala, we have to carry a valid identification proof with us, and we have to get a token from the TTD office for allowing us to do Anga Pradakshina.

Before doing the Anga Pradishana, we must take bath in the Pushkarani, and with wet clothes, we must have to join in the Queue meant for the pilgrims who do Anga Pradikshana.
Separate queues are there for ladies and gents.

Gents should not wear clothes in their upper body, and instead a towel can be used to close their upper body.

In Tirumala Temple, ladies are first allowed to finish the Anga Pradakshina, and then gents can do the Anga Pradakshina.

After the completion of Anga Pradakshina we have to go out, and then we can join in the fresh queue for Darshanam.

Tokens are issued on daily basis for Anga Pradakshina, and we can get a nice experience while doing the Anga Pradakshina, since our body and mind would be totally surrendered with Lord Venkateshwara.

Similar to Tirumala, we can do Anga Pradakshina in other temples also. Even we can do it in our nearby temples also, and it all depends on the devotion which we keep on the almighty. Some devotees would even do Anga Pradakshina in the banana leaves after the food is consumed by the by the devotees in it in the temples.

Anga Pradakshina also would relieve our physical and mental diseases and it would give peace of mind. In general, we are all doing karmas regularly, whether knowingly or unknowingly. By doing these types of good activities, the severity of our karma would be reduced, and we would be able to properly breathe in our life.


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