Our Actions and God’s Reactions

Daily we are reading in newspapers and TV Channels that some people are unnecessarily torturing the people, and also sometimes they are killing the people. Apart from that, we are hearing the news about suicidal deaths, deaths due to fire accidents and death caused by enemies. Whenever we read the news from the media, we would get worried about the bad incidents happened to others, and we would seek justice from the almighty for the sufferers and ask him to punish the wrong doers.

Everybody would think “Why god is not stopping the people from doing wrong acts”. This question was asked by the great Arjuna to Lord Krishna, during the time of the Kurukshetra war. He also asked to Krishna that why some people commits the crimes, as if they have been doing it forcefully!

For this question, Lord Krishna had answered him, that people have to control their senses, and should not engage in doing unfair activities which are not liked by the god. Lord Krishna had even told to Akrura, that he would dwell in the hearts of those people, who sincerely prays and calls for his help during the times of their troubles. He also tells that God cannot be there in each and every action of the people, since god had already given the guidelines to be followed for living a noble life. If the people disobey the rules laid down by the god, then they have to face severe consequences for their own actions.

In general, god has given common sense for each and every body, and we already know about the correctness and wrongness of the activities. It is our duty to follow the path of righteousness and if we follow the wrong path, god would not help us, and his reactions would be unfavourable with us, and we would be landed up in big troubles.

Interfering in each and every individual’s life is not possible for the god, since god feels that if god is acting on behalf of the humans, then the very purpose of creation would go wrong. Hence instead of cursing the god for our sufferings,we have to sincerely worship him, for ever, and must follow the spiritual path throughout our life, in order to live a peaceful and blessed life.


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