Significance of Planet Earth

Our planet earth is considered as a holy planet, since most of the Hindus consider the planet earth as Ma Bhudevi, the beloved consort of Lord Vishnu. Earth suffers from natural calamities like earth quake, storms, Tsunami and from floods, and even in those difficult situations,the earth mother Ma Bhudevi observes strict patience, and there is an ancient Tamil Proverb, “PORUMAIYIL NEE BHUMADEVIYA IRUKANUM”, you have to observe strict patience like the holy earth mother Bhudevi, and it would be usually told to the newly wedded bride by their parents. In this Kali Yuga, it is believed, that Ma Bhudevi stands only on one leg, due to the stay of Lot of evil minded people in the earth.

As per the Vishnu Purana, Ma Bhudevi is able to hold the entire living beings on her lap, due to her utmost love, affection and devotion on her lovely consort Lord Vishnu. But in the eyes of the scientists, they are considering Ma Bhudevi only as a planet, since they are unable to get the divine vision of the earth mother. Earth has obtained great patience even during the time of the first Satya Yuga itself, when she was thrown out by the demon King Hiranyaksha on the ocean, but afterwards, Lord Vishnu rescued her from the ocean, removed her fear by hugging her affectionately, and placed her to her original position.

Only in this beautiful planet earth, living beings including us are able to get fresh air, sun light, food, water and many more., and as per the observations of space researchers and scientists, in all other planets, there is no sufficient air and water to live in. Most of the planets are covered with full of darkness, and no one could live in those planets.Mother earth would be very much satisfied, if we plant lot of trees, and if we concentrate deeply on the agriculture occupation. Converting the farm lands into residential/commercial areas would bring big problems to the people in future, since day by day, some portion of agriculture lands are being converted into business houses, schools, colleges and factories.

Due to our own problems, daily we are cursing the earth mother, without knowing about her own sufferings. Similar to the earth mother, who faces her sufferings joyfully by worshipping Lord Vishnu, we also have to worship Lord Vishnu, for our well-being as well as for the well-being of the entire universe.


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