Usage of Bad words

Usage of bad words is a common act which occurs all over the world. Though it is considered as a bad practice, still many of us are using the bad words by way of expressing our hatred speech over others. But doing such an act is not liked by the great almighty, and due to that, we would not get the full grace from him.

According to the famous proverb “PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT”, whena person develops good habits like kindness, sympathy, love and affection, such a kind of practice is considered to be a good one. Whereas using bad words over others, is considered as a wrong practice, which we must have to change it immediately.

If we use bad words frequently in our life, Mata Saraswati, the goddess of education, would not dwell in our hearts. Most of the people are getting the habit of using the bad words from their friends circle, at their work place, and some may cultivate the habit from their own parents. By usage of bad words, there are lot of chances for violence to occur. Drinkers of wine would make unnecessary quarrels on each other, and that may finally end up in clashes or murders.

In some of the work places, the bosses might also use bad words either in front of their subordinates or at their back. Usage of bad words would also cause enmity between each other. Developing enmity with others is not advisable, since it may lead to permanent stress, diseases and it would create severe mental problems in our life.

In most of the city buses, some rough and tough passengers would shout at the other passengers using bad words, as if they are the owners of the bus. If we also raise our voice, then the situation would become worse, and it may even end up with fights causing severe injury for us.

According to the sayings of Sri ShirdiSai Baba, “always maintain patience in your life, if a person tries to cause any problem to you, you don’t argue with him, instead of that, keep maintaining silence, and at the same time, it is my duty to punish him”.Hence let us always maintain strict patience in our life, by worshipping the great almighty and be blessed.


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