Cleaning Temple Tanks

Participating in temple related activities is a noble task, and especially if we clean the temples and the temple tanks, we would get goodness in our life, and mainly our mind related problems would be cured, and we would get fresh energy in our mind and body.

Whenever we want to clean the temple tank, we have to approach the temple authorities and can express our willingness, and after getting permission from them, we can start doing the holy work.

As per the sacred text “SRI CHITRA GUPTA CHARITRA”, the divine accountant, Lord Chitra Gupta says, “Whoever participates in doing the noble task of removing the dirt in the temples and in temple ponds, I would remove a major portion of bad karmas in their life account, and I will make them to prosper in their life”. From this detail, we can know the significance of cleaning the temple ponds.

We can also provide food to the fishes in the temple ponds, and after cleaning the holy temple tank we can take the fresh water to our homes by filling it in the bottle, and can consume it. Ancient texts, tells us the importance of sprinkling the holy tank water in our heads. Some types of diseases cannot be healed by the physicians, and it would get removed only by the divine grace. Hence we can try various steps to remove the burdens in our life, and to get a good health by visiting the temples and participating in the temple related activities.

Apart from cleaning the temple tanks, with our own interest, we can take the help of our friends and we can do the task of cleaning, white washing the temple walls, and we can also do painting works in the temples. If we are good at art work, we can draw pictures of gods and goddesses and frame it and keep them in the temples, so that we would get the full grace of the god for our hard work.

Hence let us eagerly participate in temple related activities and be blessed.

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