Ashram (Hermitage) | Residence of Rishis in ancient times

Ashram hermitage of sages

Ashram hermitage of sages

Ashram also called as hermitage is the residence of the ancient Rishis and most of their ashrams are situated in Himalayan Mountain ranges. Rishi Durvasa had lived in his ashram on the banks of the Holy River Ma Yamuna and Rishyashringa is believed to have lived in his Ashram at Sringeri in Karnataka, and some rishis ashrams are located at Naimisaranyam in Uttar Pradesh.

Great Rishis like Vishwamitra and Matanga had lived at their Ashram in the present day Odisha, and Rishi Agastya is believed to have been lived at his Ashram in the Podigai Hills in Tamilnadu. Rishi Kapila’s Ashram is located in the present day Kolkata, and in his Ashram he has given spiritual teachings to his own mother itself, and made her to get enlightenment.

Most of the ancient rishis ashram would be situated in the forest amidst various holy trees. The surroundings of their ashram would be very calm, and usually they would not get afraid of attack from wild animals due to their spiritual powers. Still now, the identity of some of the ancient sages ashram, are found in some parts of India. Apart from sages, kings during the last stages of their life used to set up ashrams for them in the forests, and would peacefully do meditation in order to attain salvation after their death.

For doing meditation, sages require a peaceful place of living since they are getting loneliness only in the forests, and hence they prefer to stay in the forests. But sometimes they would get disturbed by some demons also. They used to perform puja and frequently perform Yagna in order to please the Vedic deities. Whoever has got the willpower and proficiency in doing yoga and meditation alone can be able to set up an ashram in the mountains and in the forests.

Our ancient sages had performed meditation in the dense forests only for the sake of the goodness of the entire universe. They didn’t seek any boons for themselves, and prayed to the almighty to maintain peace and prosperity in the entire universe. Most of the sages have done hard penance on the almighty, even without taking proper food and water. Due to that, they have reached the divine worlds, and living there peacefully.

Let us worship the great Sage Kapila Bhagavan, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and be blessed.


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