Divine Owner

God is the owner of all of our belongings, whether it may be a house, car, fridge, television, washing machine etc. He is the true divine owner, who has let out all these things to us for some time in our life time.

After the passage of time, and after our death, by the wishes of the god, these things would be owned by another person. But actually the things in the entire universe belong to the almighty. Lord Krishna while showing his true form to Arjuna, he revealed the truth, that he is holding the entire universe through his supreme powers. In the body of Lord Krishna, all the worlds, clouds, seas, animals, humans and the entire living beings in the earth and in the heaven are found.

But even if we lose a small unimportant thing, we will used to tell to others, that I have lost my pen, I have lost my umbrella, I, have lost my handkerchief like that. But actually at the time of our birth, we didn’t bring anything from our hands. After attaining young age only, we would able to realize ourselves and we would be able to know about the world.

But we are gaining ownership for each and everything in our life. Even our father and mother, wife and children would be with us only in this birth. We didn’t know about our next birth, or about our next birth relatives! We didn’t know anything about us! But still we pretend as if we know about everything in this world! Most of us are considered as immature in this case, and we must realize that we have born in this earth only through the grace of the great almighty, and we should sincerely thank him, for gifting this precious human life, and spend our every moment of life in a worthy manner.

The great Lord Krishna, though he is a divine avatar, he used to bow his head before the elders, and offer his respects to them. He never felt pride for his position, and always remained a pious person. Similarly, we must also move with others in a gentle and polite manner, and we have to remove our ego, and also remove the tears of the sufferers. In general we have to become the holiest person in the world.

Let us thank the owner of the universe and be blessed.


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