Divine Musical Instruments

maa saraswati 124 no-watermark

maa saraswati 124 no-watermark

Hindu divine musical instruments are very famous since they relate to the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Mata Saraswati is holding Veena in her hands, Lord Krishna is holding flute and the holy conch in his hands, Lord Nandi would play the drums, when Lord Shiva dances in the divine mountain Kailash.

Sages Narada and Tumburu hold Veena in their hands, and chant the glories of Lord Vishnu. Most of the celestial Gandharvas would be playing the musical instrument Yazh and sung devotional songs on their beloved Masters Lord Indra Bhagavan, Lord Jayanta and Mata Indrani Devi.

By listening to the melodious music, our worries and tensions would be reduced to a great extent, and we would feel great mental satisfaction. Our health related problems also would be reduced to a certain level, and all of our day to day problems would be drastically reduced, if we listen to good music.

Lord Krishna made the people of Gokulam to forget their worries by playing the divine flute. Even the animals and birds would surround him and listen to his mesmerizing music. Lord Brahma in his Satya Loka used to hear the divine music of the Gandharvas regularly.

According to the ancient texts, it is believed, that Narad and Tumburu would visit all the divine lokas and play Veena and praise the divine gods and goddesses. The sweet voices of the divine gods, demigods and goddesses itself would flow like a divine music. The great Tansen who served in the court of Akbar, would light the lamps automatically by his divine music, and due to his talents, Akbar awarded lot of wealth to him, and also married his daughter to him. Many ancient kings used to hear music from their court musicians.

Even in the Kubera Loka, which is situated in the Kandanamata Mountain, the Yakshas would play the Yazh instrument, since enjoying music is their part and parcel of life.The great Kannada sages like Kanaka dasa and Purandara dasa used to play Veena and sing beautiful songs on Lord Vishnu. And the great saints like Thyagaraja Swamigal, Raghavendra Swamigal and Muthuswamy Dikshithar also sung melodious songs on Lord  Rama and used to play the Veena.

Music is considered as the main thing by the people, in the past, present and in the future generations also. Without hearing fine music, we could not peacefully live in this rough and tough world. Hence let us hear the divine music through various entertainment media and musical concerts held in various places, and relax ourselves from tensions and worries, and also forget about the past problems in our life.

Let us worship the great flute Krishna and be blessed.

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