Importance of Toe Rings in Hinduism | Why Married Hindu Woman wears Toe Rings

Toe Rings of Hindu women mettelu metti

Toe Rings of Hindu women mettelu metti

A toe ring, also called as Metti in Tamil, is a holy ring usually made out of metals, and it would be worn on the second toe of both the foot and it is considered as a holy symbol of the married Hindu women. Toe rings are available in the shops in attractive forms, and it would be eagerly worn by the young married ladies.

The wearing of toe rings was in practice in India since Vedic period. As per the holy epic Ramayana, when Mata Sita, was kidnapped by Ravana, she had thrown out her toe ring down in order to make Lord Rama to identify her. During the wedding ceremony, the husband would put the toe rings to his wife.

Toe rings in India are usually made out of silver metal and at present lot of designs are available, and the modern bride can choose the best among that. These rings are supposed to be put on the toes of the married woman and it should never be removed. Similar to the holy Mangalsutra, by wearing these rings a woman would be identified as married. Toe rings would give a lot of good health benefits as per the Ayurveda. By wearing the Toe rings the menstrual cycle would be regulated, and also uterus would become healthy.

In some parts of Tamil Nadu, Toe rings used to be worn by men by considering it as a style, as well as for comfort. In our Hindu tradition and culture, lot of good things are there, and by following that, our life would become happier. Even at this present stage, modern woman are also wearing the toe ring, in order to show them among others as a married woman. As per legend, the great Rishi Pathnis like Agalya, Anusuya and Aruntati, and the ancient chaste women like Savithri, Nalayani and Damayanti used to wear toe rings in order to establish theirtrue devotion before their consorts.


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