Taste the Essence of Bhakti

We must have to taste the essence of Bhakti in order to attain spiritual enlightenment. Bhakti gives lot of good changes in our life. We must always remember that without Bhakti there is no Mukti(Salvation). Bhakti cannot be attained within a short time. It must be developed in a step by step manner. Bhakti cannot be forced upon others. It must come from our soul, in order to express it happily.

The great Varkari saints like Tukaram, Eknath and Gorakumbhar had got the divine vision of Lord Vithoba through their sincere bhakti. Still now, we can find lot of devotees from Maharashtra who used to visit Pandharpur, in order to have a glimpse of the holy god, Lord Vithoba. They used to sing songs on him, like “JAI JAI VITTALA, VITTALA, PANDURANGA VITTALA, JAI, JAI”.

The medieval saints like Vyasaraja, Guru Raghavendra, Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and Shirdi Baba, had invoked the Bhakti spirit in the minds of the people through their wonderful lectures on the almighty. They also sang songs in praise of the deities and expressed their true bhakti on the god.

Some people used to worship the god just for name sake, and then they would expect lot of good changes to happen in their lives. They also used to curse the god, during their bad times, and some people would also throw the pictures of the deities in the dust bins, due their angriness on the god. That is not the bhakti. While showing bhakti on the god, we should forget our personal worries, and we should not scold him for our own problems. Whoever born in this world, must have to suffer for their karmic deeds. It is the laid down rules, and it is strongly implemented by the god, since the start of the creation work.

Hence whatever may be our personal problems, sickness, poverty and sufferings, let us take it in a light hearted manner, and let us enjoy by praising the significance of the god, chanting his mantras, singing his songs, performing meditation and worshipping him whole heartedly.


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