Onam Pookalam is a floral carpet to welcome Mahabali

Making Pookkalam is a tradition followed by people of Kerala, during the ten days of the festival. This is done to welcome their benevolent legendary king – Mahabali, as he visits Kerala every year on Onam, to enquire about their wellbeing. Read on to know more about Onam Pookkalam. What Is Pookkalam? In Malayalam, the […]

Pookalam (Athapoovu): Decorative Floral designs for Onam Festival

Pookalam for onam

In the state of Kerala, a Hindu festival Onam also called Vamana Jayanthi is celebrated which falls in the months of August-September and lasts for ten days. During this festival, apart from various other arrangements, the courtyards of every household are decorated with Pookalams. Pookalam also known as Athapoovu is a decorative, colorful and complex […]

Onam is a festival of grand Onasadhya & Pookalam

Onam is the main and the most revered festival of Kerala, the state well known as God’s own country. Onam is a harvest festival and is celebrated with joy and happiness all over the state by people of all communities and also across everywhere in the world where ever a malayali lives. In 2013, Onam […]

Pookalam is part and parcel of Onam

Pookalam for onam

Pookalam is an elaborate and multi-coloured flower arrangement on the floor. This tradition of brilliant flower decoration is a very popular ritual pursued by almost all domestic establishments over a span of ten day festivities of Onam, in Kerela. The term “Pookalam” can be broken up into two smaller words- ‘Poo’ and ‘kalam’, meaning, ‘flower’ […]

Competition spirit rules Onam festivity

Onam is a festival marked with pookalam competitions.  Onam can not be separated with pookalam competitions.  Different organizations arrange these competitions at different places atrracting huge people and participants at the same time.  It is very famous festival in Kerala. Creativeness and beautifully drawn designs are worth watching and attracts viewers from all over the […]

Thumba is a vital flower in Onam festivity

Form the various varieties of flowers; a specific flower is devoted to god on every specific day of Onam. The few which are commonly used these days are kakka poovu, mukkutii, chemparathy, aripoo, hanuman kireedom, chethi and thumba. Among all these varieties the thumba is gives most privilege due to their small size and glitterness […]

Floral carpet design plays a vital role in Onam

A pookalam design is a floral design just like a rangoli, the only difference being that a rangoli is made with powdered colours whereas a pookalam is made with fresh flowers. Infact, one is not allowed to use powdered colours or plastic flowers in order to make a pookalam. The pookalam design is made early […]

Get ready for Pookkalam competition during Onam season

Competitions for Pookkalam decorations attract participants in great numbers during Onam. Spectators also come in large numbers to witness and enjoy the innovative and artistic designs created by the participants. Due to the immense popularity of these competitions, many groups and societies organize them across the state and give away huge prizes to the winners. […]

Onam Celebrations in Delhi, Pookalam Competition by Malayala Manorama

Pookalam competition held by Malayala Manorama heralds the Onam celebrations in New Delhi. Onam 2011 date is September 9. In Pookalam competition 23 teams were participated. As per the officials of Malayala Manorama, they also organize similar events in Chennai, Bangalore & Mumbai to spread and share tradition and culture of Kerala. Onam marks the […]