Thumba is a vital flower in Onam festivity



Form the various varieties of flowers; a specific flower is devoted to god on every specific day of Onam. The few which are commonly used these days are kakka poovu, mukkutii, chemparathy, aripoo, hanuman kireedom, chethi and thumba. Among all these varieties the thumba is gives most privilege due to their small size and glitterness which they produced when rays of sun falls on them.

Lord Shiva’s favorites flower is said to be thumba Poo and the famous king Mahabali was the devotee of Lord Shiva.

One the very next day of Onam, these flowers especially thumba flowers are mainly used to embellish the Onapookalam. The prior arrangement is not even touched for the succeeding 15 days and on the 15th day, the days which is famous with the name of ‘Ayilyam’, this Pookalam is again beautify.

The next day cut is made on the four quoins by means of knife and this is a proof that the Pookalam decoration is ended for this year. Some people decorates this with a fascinating Pandals over carpets of flowers with a colourful festoonery

The building of Pookalam is in itself a very joyful and bright event which is filled with colors. Since this work is always done in teams, it arouses a feeling of togetherness and love among people. It gives a pride to watch women who use to sing their traditional songs when the other people used to prepare Pookalam. It arouses a feeling to joy by watching people enjoying with their families in this event.

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