Pookalam is part and parcel of Onam

Pookalam for onam

Pookalam for onam

Pookalam is an elaborate and multi-coloured flower arrangement on the floor. This tradition of brilliant flower decoration is a very popular ritual pursued by almost all domestic establishments over a span of ten day festivities of Onam, in Kerela.

The term “Pookalam” can be broken up into two smaller words- ‘Poo’ and ‘kalam’, meaning, ‘flower’ and ‘colourful designs drawn on the ground’, respectively. Preparation of the pookalam, is considered as a sign of good omen, and has a specific term of “Aththa Poo” during the period of Onam.

It is commonly believed in Kerela that the spirit of their beloved King Mahabali visits them during this festival. All the people of Kerela, mainly the young girls, along with other arrangements make these intricate floral arts to welcome their regal guest.

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