Competition spirit rules Onam festivity

Onam is a festival marked with pookalam competitions.  Onam can not be separated with pookalam competitions.  Different organizations arrange these competitions at different places atrracting huge people and participants at the same time.  It is very famous festival in Kerala.

Creativeness and beautifully drawn designs are worth watching and attracts viewers from all over the places.  Computers are used to help to prepare the designs before participations making participants draw meticulous designs.

Pookalam competitions are started to encourage people to participate more in number and to attract tourists at this festival season.  This is a custom in Kerala where they welcome King Mahabali by decorating front portions of their house showing that they are waiting for King Mahabali.  Pookalam compitators are provided space of fixed measurements and floral carpets have to lay in that fixed space only.

Sometimes particular themes are given and sometimes participants are free to creat anything they want.  Depending upon their thems and designs and color combinations prizes are decided.

Kathakkali dancer design is most famous chosen design for the participants.  Design’s largely wary from simple to complex geometrical figure.  Parrots, peacocks and figure of King Mahabali is very popular designs for the floral decorating designs.   People innovates new designs, their imagination levels works at its best while participating in the competition.  Dancing postures from Kathakkali, Mohiniattam the dancing variety popular in Kerala is often chosen.

Most in Onam competition women folks participate in large numbers. In the present scenario, even men folks along with children participate in Onam competition with lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

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