Onam is a festival of grand Onasadhya & Pookalam



Onam is the main and the most revered festival of Kerala, the state well known as God’s own country. Onam is a harvest festival and is celebrated with joy and happiness all over the state by people of all communities and also across everywhere in the world where ever a malayali lives. In 2013, Onam festival date is September 16.

Onam is celebrated for ten days which starts in the beginning of the month of Chingam. It starts with the first day known as Atham where every household will decorate their house doorway with pookolam to invite and partake of the feast being prepared. Over a period of next ten days families will get together to buy new dresses, shop for loads of vegetables and fruits for the Onam Sadhya.

The tenth day is the ThiruOnam day which is the most anticipated and eagerly awaited day for families. The festive day starts with early morning oil baths, getting new dresses from the elders of the family, praying to Lord Vishnu and the grand finale of the onasadhya, makes it the most enjoyable festival for the malayalee families.

During the festivities many attractive events are organized all over the state. From traditional Arts and cultural shows in temples, pookolam competitions, folk art performances in the streets to the most awaited vallam kalli, the snake boat races are conducted, with 100’s of oarsmen rowing in a rhythmic and musical way to win the grand first prize. The crowds go wild with excitement at this intense competition. Onam is one of the best festivals in south India.

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