Madhvacharya Jayanti 2023

Madhvacharya Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Sri Madhvacharya, who is also known as Purna Prajna and Ananda Tirtha. In 2023, Madhvacharya Jayanti date is October 24. Popularly known as the ‘Dvaita Siddhanta Kartha’, who proposed and spread dualism, Dvaita school of Hindu philosophy, Madhvacharya was an important philosopher during Bhakti Movement. Sri Madhvacharya was […]

Madhva Punyadina 2023-2024 | Madhwa Punyatithi days


Madhva Punyadina 2023-2024, Madhwa Punyatithi days in 2023-2024.. Madhva Punyadina or Madhwa Punyatithi days are the auspicious days for Madhva sect of Brahmins. As per authoritative Dvaita scripture “The Supreme God also wanted to bless the souls with divine knowledge, by which they can attain salvation. For this purpose, the Supreme God — Śrī Nārāyana Himself […]

Madhvacharya’s Sri Krishna Suprabhatham

Madhvacharya’s Sri Krishna Suprabhatham… Madhvacharya (1238–1317), also known as Purna Prajna and Ananda Tirtha, was a Great Hindu Saint of the Dvaita school of Vedanta.  Madhvacharya was born in Pajaka near Udupi, Karnataka  in 13th-century in India. He was born to a Tulu speaking Vaishnavite Brahmin family, and he was named as Vasudeva before attaining […]

Brahma Sutras | Philosophical, Spiritual ideas of Upanishads

The Brahma Sutras are written in Sanskrit and it was written by the great sage Vyasa. The text contains the philosophies and spiritual teachings of the great sages, and it contains some portions of Vedic texts. The Brahma Sutras tells us about the need to worship the great almighty, who is considered as the “SUPREME […]

Golden Quotes of Madhwacharya


Madhwacharya is a 13th century Madhwa saint, and he is the founder of the Madhwa Brahmin sect.He preached the principles of Dvaita philosophies amongst the people, and he is well known for his spiritual debates held with the great scholars during his period. Madhwacharya was born in Karnataka, and at his young age itself, he […]

Tatwa Manjari

Tatwa Manjari is one of the spiritual texts written by Guru Raghavendra, and it contains clear details about AnuBhashya, a text written by Sri Madhwacharya. As per the text Tatwa Manjari, Lord Hari is the supreme deity, and we are all his servants. Humans cannot merge with the god, and Lord Hari is the only […]

Hari Sarvothama! Vayu Jeevothama!


Hari Sarvothama and Vayu Jeevothama is the main mantra for Madhwa community people, and also it is the principal mantra for the devotees of Guru Raghavendra. This divine mantra was chanted by Sri Madhwacharya, and by his successors. Hari Sarvothama means “Lord Hari is the supreme deity among all other gods and goddesses, and only […]

Madhvacharya | Chief Proponent of Dvaita Vedanta


Madhvacharya (1238–1317), also known as ‘Purna Prajna’ and ‘Ananda Tirtha’, was a Great Hindu Saint of the Dvaita school of Vedanta. Life and Teachings Madhvacharya was born in Pajaka near Udupi ,Karnataka in 13th-century in India. He was born to a Tulu speaking Vaishnavite Brahmin family, and he was named as Vasudeva before attaining saint […]

Madhvacharya on Pathway to God

God is the sanctuary of those travel wearily in the path of worldly existence. He protects all those who seek it from him through intense devotion. His chief aim is to Full fill the aspiration of devotees. Under such comforting and confidence – inspiring circumstances. A devotee need not despair of his sojourn in this […]

Sri Vadiraja Tirtha

Sri Vadiraja Tirtha (From 1480 to 1600 ) was a great Dvaita saint. He has written many spiritual books on the basis of Sri Madhva Philosophy. He has made numerous poems and was the pontiff of Sodhe Mutt. He established the Paryaya system of worship. He is also appreciated for promoting the Kannada literature by […]

Vyasaraja Tirtha | Vyasatirtha | Chandrikacharya

THE GREAT SAINT SREE VYASARAYA TIRTHA INTRODUCTION Vyasatirtha (From 1460 to 1539), also called Vyasaraja, was a great eminent and an able Madhva scholar and poet belonging to the Dvaita tradition. He was the patron saint of the Great Vijayanagara Empire. During his period, great religious developments were took place under the assistance of his divine disciples Purandara Dasa and Kanaka Dasa. […]

Ashta Mathas of Madhvacharya’s Disciples


There are many direct students of Madhvacharya. It is to be remembered that his first disciple was Shri Sathya Theertha. It was Sri Padmanabha Thirtha who established all other mathas except the Ashta mathas. It is to be highly noted that his disciples don’t have the right to conduct pooja to Lord Udupi Shri Krishna. […]