Golden Quotes of Madhwacharya



Madhwacharya is a 13th century Madhwa saint, and he is the founder of the Madhwa Brahmin sect.He preached the principles of Dvaita philosophies amongst the people, and he is well known for his spiritual debates held with the great scholars during his period.

Madhwacharya was born in Karnataka, and at his young age itself, he has become a holy saint. He is a master in Upanishads, the holy Srimad Bhagavatham, Bhagavad Gita and the Brahma Sutras. He also wrote wonderful commentaries on Brahma Sutras, in his own style. Similar to worshipping Madhwacharya, Madhwas used to worship Guru Raghavendra, as their holy Guru.

Being considered as an incarnation of Lord Vayu, he contains very good health and mental power,by worshipping him, we would get good health, wealth and all kinds of prosperity in our life.

Some of his golden quotes are as follows:-

1. Lord Vishnu is the supreme deity, and all other deities are to be considered as his assistants.

2. Those who live a pure life would be saved by Lord Vishnu, and they would permanently dwell with him.

3. Lord Vishnu is undertaking the task of creation, protection and destruction work.

4. Lord Vishnu is called as the true “BRAHMAM”, and he is omnipotence.

5. The significance of Lord Vishnu can be fully known by reading the Holy Scriptures like Vedas, Bhagavat Gita, Bhagawathan and Vishnu Purana.

6. Lord Vishnu is independent and we are all dependant on him.

7. Salvation lies in the souls of those who show their pure devotion on Lord Vishnu.

8. We can attain the highest joy in this world by completely surrendering ourselves on the holy feet of Lord Vishnu.

9. Lord Vishnu will guide you, protect you and hug you like your affectionate mother.

10. Permanent remembrance of Lord Vishnu alone would remove the sufferings and sorrows in your life.

11. Bow before your guru, and consider him similar to the god.

12. Lord Vishnu would give you reasonable comforts in your life, and he would provide food and water to you, even if you live in the dry desert regions.

13. Bhakti is the gateway to the heaven, and the gate key is in the hands of Lord Vishnu.

14. Gurus are taking birth in this earth, in order to provide good knowledge, wisdom and courage to the spiritual seekers.

15. Everything belongs to Lord Vishnu, and he is the true owner of all the things owned by us.

16. Chant the names of Lord Vishnu, as much as you can, since, it would help you a lot during the time of your death.

17. Those who show their sincere bhakti on Lord Vishnu need not worry about anything in their life, and during the time of their death, they would get a peaceful, fearless and a painless death.

18. Lord Vishnu is being praised by the holy sages, saints and even by the gods and demigods in the heaven for several millions of years.


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