Hari Sarvothama! Vayu Jeevothama!



Hari Sarvothama and Vayu Jeevothama is the main mantra for Madhwa community people, and also it is the principal mantra for the devotees of Guru Raghavendra. This divine mantra was chanted by Sri Madhwacharya, and by his successors.

Hari Sarvothama means “Lord Hari is the supreme deity among all other gods and goddesses, and only through his powers, the entire universe is properly functioning”.

Vayu Jeevothama means the humans who takes birth in the earth and suffers from many troubles and turmoil in their life. A Jeevatma can attain the spiritual bliss by reciting the Narayana Mantra, “OM NAMO NARAYANA”, by considering it similar to drinking the divine nectar from the heaven.

Jeevatma can attain the grace of Narayana by keeping sincere bhakti on him.

Lord VayuDeva is also considered as a Jeevatma, but he is the supreme among all the Jeevatmas, due to his sincere devotion on Lord Vishnu.

Hanuman, the supreme incarnation of Lord Vayu is considered as very high supreme divine being with regard to his dedication and devotion on Lord Rama, and he always do the activities according to the wishes of Lord Rama.

Guru Raghavendra is a great Madhwa saint, and he is an ardent devotee of Lord Hari. During his Prahalada avatar, he has surrendered on the holy feet of Narasimha, and become his one of the best devotees. He has given nice teachings for propagating the Madhwa philosophies, and some of them are as follows:

1. Lord Hari is the Universal god, and we are all his servants.

2. Though it is very difficult to get the grace of Lord Hari, through our constant prayers and meditation, we can get his blessings.

3. Let the names of Lord Hari spread all over your body, and let your entire muscles, nerves and bones chant the glories of Lord Hari.

4. By regularly reciting the mantras of Lord Hari, all of your diseases and sins would be removed.

5. Hari bhakti alone would remove the negative thoughts and bad nature from you.

6. Believe that Lord Hari is the divine saviour for all of us.

7. Lord Hari can be worshipped in any form, since he resides even in a small dust as well as in the pillar.

8. Hari Bhaktas would always be protected by Lord Hari and by me.

9. Whoever sings and praise Lord Hari wholeheartedly, would be relieved from the worldly illusions.


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