Ashta Mathas of Madhvacharya’s Disciples



There are many direct students of Madhvacharya. It is to be remembered that his first disciple was Shri Sathya Theertha. It was Sri Padmanabha Thirtha who established all other mathas except the Ashta mathas.

It is to be highly noted that his disciples don’t have the right to conduct pooja to Lord Udupi Shri Krishna. It is largely because it is directly headed and perfectly governed by the Ashta mathas.

The Ashta mathas are

  1. Sri Vishnu Thirtha, Sode Matha
  2. Sri Vamana Thirtha, Shirur Matha
  3. Sri Rama Thirtha, Kanniyur Matha
  4. Sri Adokshaja Thirtha, Pejavara Matha
  5. Sri Hrishikesha Thirtha, Palimaru Matha
  6. Sri Narahari Thirtha, Adamaru Matha
  7. Sri Janardhana Thirtha, Krishnapura Matha
  8. Sri Upendra Thirtha, Puthige Matha

The Krishna Mutt are managed and administered by the Ashta Mathas (eight temples). The daily sevas (offerings to god) is done by them. In a cyclical order, each of the Ashta Mathas conducts temple management functions and activities for only two years.

Moreover, they are collectively called as the Krishna Matha. These eight Mathas are Adamaru, Pejavara, Palimaru, Sodhe, Puttige, Kaniyooru, Krishnapura and Shirur.

These mathas are known for its religious traditions and customs and learning of Tatvavaada or Dvaita philosophy throughout the world. On the other hand, it is also known widely as the centre of Daasa Sahitya, which is a form of literature that successfully originated in Udupi. These Matha are open for all the Hindus. They can participate in all the religious activities and functions related to Lord Krishna that is conducted in grand manner.

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