Madhvacharya’s Sri Krishna Suprabhatham

Madhvacharya’s Sri Krishna Suprabhatham… Madhvacharya (1238–1317), also known as Purna Prajna and Ananda Tirtha, was a Great Hindu Saint of the Dvaita school of Vedanta.  Madhvacharya was born in Pajaka near Udupi, Karnataka  in 13th-century in India. He was born to a Tulu speaking Vaishnavite Brahmin family, and he was named as Vasudeva before attaining saint hood. He became a Sanyasi at a younger age, and he was taught under guru Achyutapreksha. Madhva studied the Principal Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and the Brahma Sutras.  He is credited with thirty seven works in Sanskrit.  His greatest work is considered to be the Anuvyakhyana. He was known to be an avatar of Vayu Bhagavan.

The Sri Krishna Suprabhatam was composed and sung by the Madhwa Saint Sri Madhwacharya, and he has sung the wonderful Sri Krishna Suprabhatam in front of the shrine of Udupi Sri Krishna. In appreciation and recognition to his staunch bhakti, Lord Krishna himself has appeared in the form of a small boy, and keenly listened to the verses of the Holy Suprabhatham.

Sri Krishna Suprabhatam is believed to have been even recited by the celestials like Lord Indra, Kubera and Lord Varuna.

The wonderful verses from the Holy Sri Krishna Suprabhatam are as follows:-

O Krishna! Great Son of Yashoda, the Sun is about to rise in the skies; please arise to listen to the prayers of your devotees.

Awake! O Govinda! Things like milk, curd and butter are ready for your early morning consumption. Please get up from your bed in order to protect the Universe.

Ma Rukmini, Goddess of prosperity resides on your heart permanently; O the great divine beauty of you attracts the minds of millions and millions of your devotees, O giver of boons, O my sweet little Krishna! I offer my humble salutations to you on this early morning.

O Sri Krishna Deva! A fine morning to you, whose eyes looks like that of a beautiful lotus flower, and the bright face of the sun; Lord Brahma, Shiva and Indra pay their respects to you. The ocean of mercy! Dear to your divine vehicle Lord Garuda!

O resident of Dwaraka! The great rishis are chanting your mantras and reciting your names, and offers beautiful lotus flowers and performs holy bath to you by taking the water from the holy Rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada and Godavari. Please get up soon, and accept their early morning prayers.

Celestial Devas from the heaven are wondering about your divine beauty, the Guru of Devas and Demons are praising you! O Lord! Please open your lotus like eyes and express your divine appearance in front of your devotees.

O the Lord of Dwaraka! The morning scenery is very beautiful and your holy temple Udupi is surrounded with full of trees and paddy fields. The morning breeze is blowing very nicely, which carries good fragrances, wishing a very good morning to you.

O Sri Krishna! The temple bells are ringing pleasantly, and I am able to hear the pleasant verses from Srimad Bhagavatham recited by the learned scholars. I convey my early morning wishes to you.

With his melodious musical instruments Sages like Tumburu and Narada sings wonderful songs on you, and I can witness that even some celestial goddesses like Ramba and Urvasi are also dancing before your shrine, in order to make yourself to feel delightful.

O Lord who dwells on the Holy Dwaraka, The bees jumps from flower to flower in order to gather tasty honey, and even they want to offer the honey for your holy bath, and also to get your Divine glimpse on this early morning.

O Lord of Universe! The cowherds are churning curd and are singing precious songs and praising your glories; their wonderful voice attracts even the birds and animals, and they surround them in order to listen to the cheerful divine songs. May this morning be glorious to you!

Lord Sun and the Moon produce more radiance, due to your blessings. Oh Lord of Dwaraka! Please awake soon in order to do your early morning chores.

O Krishna. The ocean of mercy, O Lord of beauty, O Lord of the seas, mountains and the land, let this morning bring happiness to you.

O Lord of Lords! King of Kings! Having taken their holy dip in the Holy Rivers, Gods like Brahma, Shiva and sages such as Sanandana and Bhagavathas like Prahalada and Dhruva are waiting inside your temple door in order to have your early morning darshan. My Dear Krishna, Very Good morning to you, and let this morning brings great cheerfulness to you!

Glory to you O Dwarakapati! Whose abode is mentioned in the Holy books, whose importance cannot be fully explained even by Lord Garuda, whose names gives great pleasantness to the devotees, who permanently resides in the souls of the Bhagavathas like Narada, Tumburu, Prahalada and Dhruva.

O Lord! Even the great Lords like Shiva, Brahma and Indra are desirous of serving you, and they bow their heads before you, Oh Sri Viswaroopa Krishna, please get up soon in order to accept the prayers from the great gods.

O Lord! The planets and the stars are waiting before you in order to offer you their service. Your devotees having been purified by touching your holy idol, and there is no doubt that all of your sincere devotees would attain Moksha in their next birth. Please show your divine vision to everyone, since it is the time for you to get up from your bed.

O Krishna! People are very much interested to rest at Your divine feet in order to attain salvation, and just by watching your charming face, they forgets about their worries, and becomes more cheerful.

Morning wishes to you O Lord Krishna! You are the Lord of Ma Bhumi Devi, the earth goddess. You contain good qualities like compassion, Love and affection etc. Oh Lord of all Gods! Your near and dear devotees Ananta and Garuda are chanting your glories. Good morning to you.

O Padmanabha, Purushottama, Vasudeva, Vaikuntavasa, Madhava, you looks more beautiful since you holds the Holy Sudarsana and the Panchajanaya on your hands, You are like the Divine Parijata tree and like the Divine Cow Kamadhenu in granting the wishes of those who surrender at your lotus feet. A marvellous morning wishes to you my Lord!

Your Divine posture looks very attractive and beautiful and you appear more beautiful than that of the love god Manmadha. You contain very good qualities which we cannot found with anyone in this universe. I offer my wonderful morning wishes to you. O Sri Krishna! Gopala, Muralidhara, You have taken several avatars in order to destroy the evil elements from the world. I offer my very Good morning to you.

O Krishna Paramatma, I could hear the wonderful Vedic chants and I can also smell the delicious Prasad items which is under preparation at your temple. Please get up soon in order to taste those wonderful delicacies.

The sun has raised and the flowers have opened their petals; and I could hear the lovely noise of the birds, your devotees are waiting at the temple entrance, and sings song in your praise. Everyone becomes mad after reciting your mesmerising songs. We are all surrendered at your holy lotus feet. Let this morning be glorious to you.

O my beautiful Krishna! You are the base of the Vedas, you act as the breath of everyone, you are the true Brahman, and, only with your help we could be able to cross the ocean of life. Glory to you my Lord Krishna, please get up soon.


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