Sri Vadiraja Tirtha

Sri Vadiraja Tirtha

Sri Vadiraja Tirtha

Sri Vadiraja Tirtha (From 1480 to 1600 ) was a great Dvaita saint. He has written many spiritual books on the basis of Sri Madhva Philosophy. He has made numerous poems and was the pontiff of Sodhe Mutt. He established the Paryaya system of worship. He is also appreciated for promoting the Kannada literature by translating Sree Madhva’s works to Kannada, thus giving importance and contributing to the Haridasa movement. His devotional works are very good and filled with full of humour which can be read even by an ordinary person.

Birth, Education and Sanyasa

Vadiraja was born in Huvinakere, a village in the Kundapura district at Karnataka. He took Sanyasa at the age of 8 and was under the care of Vidyanidhi Tirtha and later under the care ofVagishaTirtha, who took care of his education.

Importance and Miracles

He assumed as a pontiff in the mutt at Sodhe, succeeding VagishaTirtha. In 1512, Vadiraja began his grand tour of the pilgrimages in India. He has done a lot of miracles during these journeys such as resurrection of the dead and removal of evil spirits and demons and cured the diseases of the people. He tamed a forest spirit known as Bhutaraja. And Bhutaraja obeyed him and served him as a servant. Vadiraja debated Jain scholars at Moodabidri and Karkala.

He restructured the organisation of the temple at Udupi, established the Ashta Mathas around the temple and renovated the temple itself. He lived a whole life span for about 120 years. During his period, daily after doing pooja in the mutt, he will keep some horse gram in a plate and will raise his hands above his shoulders. Immediately Lord HARI will take the form of Hayakriva (Divine Horse) and will accept the Prasadam of Horse gram from his plate. This shows his pure devotion towards god.


Vadiraja has written several poems, notable of which is an epic poem titled Rukminisha Vijaya. He was an efficient and eminent writer.He is credited with more than sixty works. Many of his works are appreciated by everyone.


Thus it can be concluded, that it is a must to visit his Brindavana, which is situated at Sodhe in Karnataka, and to offer prayers to him. Those who worship him with sincere devotion, will get answered by him immediately. He is a UNIVERSAL SAINT. He expects only pure bhakti from us and nothing more else. Let us pray to him for our well being and chant his namaOM



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