Tatwa Manjari

Tatwa Manjari is one of the spiritual texts written by Guru Raghavendra, and it contains clear details about AnuBhashya, a text written by Sri Madhwacharya.

As per the text Tatwa Manjari, Lord Hari is the supreme deity, and we are all his servants. Humans cannot merge with the god, and Lord Hari is the only immortal in the entire universe, and the rest of them are all to be considered as mortals.

The following contents are present in the holy book, “TATWA MANJARI”:

Lord Vishnu contains all good features.

Vishnu is the destroyer of our sorrows, and he would bring happiness in our lives.

Vishnu is to be worshipped compulsorily.

Liberation is possible only by the way of worshipping Lord Hari.

Lord Narayana is the one who is popularly mentioned in the HinduScriptures.

The significance of Lord Hari cannot be known fully even by his consort Ma Lakshmi.

Lord Hari is the best protector in the entire universe.

Our main goal is to reach his abode and it can be made possible only through his divine grace.

People must worship Lord Hari, similar to doing their routine work,and based on their cleverness, Lord Hari would grant suitable rewards to them.

Through the blessings of Lord Hari, you would be able to lift even the entire world in your shoulders, and at the same time, you should remember that without the grace of Lord Hari, you could never lift even a small dust particle in your hands.

Lord Hari would remove the thorns on your path, and he would make you to walk in the bed of rose flowers.

The world in which we live is covered with full of illusions, and in order to overcome from it, we must have to sincerely worship Lord Hari.

Lord Hari is the best doctor, and he would remove all of your physical and mental diseases.

Don’t think that you have done the day’s work, only through your efforts,remember, that the work was done by you only through the grace of Lord Hari.

Lord Hari will give all sorts of comforts to you and he would console you like your own mother during the times of your difficult situations.


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