Madhvacharya on Pathway to God

God is the sanctuary of those travel wearily in the path of worldly existence. He protects all those who seek it from him through intense devotion. His chief aim is to Full fill the aspiration of devotees. Under such comforting and confidence – inspiring circumstances. A devotee need not despair of his sojourn in this material world.

The eradication of internal enemies like passion and anger is sine quo non to the act of dedication to the lord. Only, he can grant Moksha (total liberation). His benign grace directed towards a devotee puts an end to the vicious circle of metempsychosis in which the latter is caught and brings about redemption.

All the sastras that Madhwarcharya laboured at and the essence of his philosophy are contained in his devotional – poetry, the Dwadasastotra, recited even today in very Madhwa household during worship at the time of offering the “neivedya”. The hymn, composed in different metres, lends itself to musical rendering.

In his discourse in Sri Khed Krishnachar, said in two chapters of the Dwadasastotra, Madhvachrya has referred to the 10 incarnations of the lord and in another had extolled the divine Mother Sri Lakshmi. Sri Madhwa asserts that the world of sentient cannot but be under the control of an intelligent being and its reality is not all empirical but obsolete.

The entire gamut of ordinary being is regulated by an unalterable settled hierarchy, while Madhwa was performing his oblations on the sea shore (west coast), a merchant ship caught in a storm was being trussed. It was quelled by his prayers and for this act, he was given presents but he chose a block of “Gopichandana” which when split, brought forth an idol of Lord Krishna. Sri Madhwa cleansed it and installed at udupi. This is the icon being worshipped even now by eight Bala – sanyasis by turns. The hymn in praise of the lord , incorporates profound religious truths. Sri Madhwa has not only given the goal of life but also shown the why to reach it.

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