A brief history of Abhinavagupta

Abhinavagupta, born and lived between c. 950 and 1020 AD in India was the great philosopher and literacy critic. He was considered as the pivotal person in the Hindu histories of Scholastic philosophy, aesthetic theory and tantra. Abhinavagupta elaborated and gave many notable writings particularly on Pratyabhijna Philosophical theology. This was augmented by him for […]

Vasugupta | Author of Shiva Sutras

Vasugupta was the author of the Shiva Sutras, which is considered to be a popular Holy Text amongst the Kashmir Shaivites. Vasugupta was born during the 9th century AD to a pious Kashmiri Hindu family, and his disciples were Kallata and Somananda who were also contributed some Shiva Bhakti Texts. He worshipped Lord Shiva sincerely, […]

Swami Anand Ji Maharaj

Swami Anand Ji Maharaj (20th century AD) was a famous saint in Kashmir. His disciples offer daily prayers to him,at his Ashram in Janunu, Jammu and Kashmir, and perform daily Puja. He used to give advice to his disciples to remove anger, lust and fear from them. He was a perfect Guru and changed the […]

Karunamai Maa | Founder of Maa Shri Karunamayi Ashram, Gurgaon

Karunamai Maa was born in the year 1913 in a pious Kashmiri Pandit family at Kashmir and her birth name was Bimla. By the guidance of her family priest, who was a sincere devotee of Mata Khir Bhawani, she was initiated in spirituality at her young age. Although she had married and had children, she […]

Mathra Devi

Mathra Devi was born in a Kashmiri Hindu family in the year 1878 A.D. From her young age, Mathra, was interested in spirituality, and eagerly learnt the Hindu Spiritual texts from a famous Kashmiri scholar. She was married at her teenage, but her husband was died very soon after their marriage. After the death of […]

Baba Shivo (Goran Baba)

Baba Shivo (14th century AD) who was also known as Goran Baba, is a village deity, worshiped in the villages of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. He is considered as a saint and contains the features of Lord Shiva. He was the son of the King, who ruled the Pattan Town at Kashmir. According to legend, […]


Abhinavagupta (950–1016 AD) was a famous Saint from Kashmir. He was also a great musician and poet. LIFE He was born in Kashmir and studied under the guidance of holy gurus. His great work Tantraloka, was based on Shaivism, and was widely accepted by the followers of Shaivism. His works also include devotional songs, and […]

Swami Vidyadhar

Swami Vidyadhar (19th century) was born in the year 1886 AD, in a village at Srinagar, Kashmir in an orthodox Brahmin family. He learned the Vedas, Shastras and Sanskrit under Shri Madhav and became a well-known scholar. Right from his boyhood, Vidyadhar was sharp in his studies. Due to that, he was loved by the […]

Swami Ramji | Kashmiri Saint

Swami Ramji (19th century AD) was the son of the Brahmin scholar Shukdev and he was born in Srinagar, Kashmir in the year 1852 AD. His father was doing Purohit work, and also served as a priest at a Shiva temple. He was a clever boy, and he performed well in his education and was […]

Swami Jeewan Shah (Jivan Shah) | Kashmir Saint

Jeevan Shah was an extraordinary Saint who lived in the 18th Century, and he was born in Srinagar, Kashmir. He got great spiritual powers,and done lot of miracles in the life of his sincere devotees. His parents were ardent devotees of Mata Khirbhavani, and used to visit the “Khirbhavani Shrine” at Tulmulla once in a […]

Utpaladeva | Kashmiri Shaivite Saint

Utpaladeva (900–950 AD) was one of the great saints in Kashmir, and he was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. Utpaladeva composed several songs on Lord Shiva, and also wrote spiritual books. Utpala’s main disciple was Sri Lakshmana Gupta. Utpaladeva was born in Srinagar, Kashmir in a pious Brahmin family and he was married and […]