Swami Anand Ji Maharaj

Swami Anand Ji Maharaj (20th century AD) was a famous saint in Kashmir. His disciples offer daily prayers to him,at his Ashram in Janunu, Jammu and Kashmir, and perform daily Puja. He used to give advice to his disciples to remove anger, lust and fear from them. He was a perfect Guru and changed the life of his disciples, and made them to realize the god from their heart.

His life is based on Krishna Bhakti, and he dedicated his entire life in worshipping the great god Krishna, and he spread the awareness of “KRISHNA BHAKTI” amongst the people, and gave discourses on Bhagavat Gita and Bhagavatham,by giving simple explanations. He was also a devotee of Kheer Bhavani Mata, and used to frequently visit the Kheer Bhavani Mata temple situated at Kashmir.

His teachings would remain in our hearts for ever in our life. He was fondly called as Bab Sahib, by the people, and he remained calm, and showed kindness to everyone. He was free from anger, and soft-spoken. He removed the ego of the people, and made them to attain spirituality.

Swami Ji died in the year 1983 at Kashmir, and his birth and death anniversary are being celebrated in a grand manner by offering sumptuous meals to the devotees.


1. Always be kind and gentle with others.

2. Love is god.

3. Offer your worship to the god by performing prayers and doing meditation.

4. Engage yourself in lot of charitable activities.

5. True Bhakti would do wonders in your life.

6. Don’t enjoy physical pleasures in your life, instead of that enjoy the spiritual pleasure in your soul, and keep chanting the names of the god.

7. Happiness and sufferings will come together in everybody’s life, and we cannot change it. In order to reduce our sufferings, we must beg to the god for getting his mercy.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.


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