Abhinavagupta (950–1016 AD) was a famous Saint from Kashmir. He was also a great musician and poet.


He was born in Kashmir and studied under the guidance of holy gurus. His great work Tantraloka, was based on Shaivism, and was widely accepted by the followers of Shaivism. His works also include devotional songs, and writings on yoga and meditation.

He was considered as an”Intelligent scholar and a pious saint” by the people. His father was his first teacher, and taught him the literature. Sambhunatha was his most beloved guru, and he learnt all the devotional subjects from him, and has become a great scholar through his guidance.

Ramadeva was his disciple who has served him with much care, and devoted to scriptural study.

He travelled all over Kashmir and participated in several debates and won in the debates.

1. Tantrasara
2. Paratrisika
3. Paryantapancasika
4. Rahasyapancadasika
5. Laghviprakriya
6. Devistotravivarana
7. Paramarthasara

Abhinavagupta has also composed a number of devotional poems. He was a holy and a popular saint of India, who has sung many songs in praise of Lord Shiva.

He was against in enjoying worldly comforts and luxuries. He has donated all the money which he had received from the wealthy people to the poor. According to his famous saying that ACCEPTING MONEY AND SPENDING IT LAVISHLY IS NOT ALLOWABLE IN THE LIFE OF THE SAINTS, SINCE IT IS AGAINST THE SPIRITUAL PATH.

He lived a simple life. He spent most of his time in his life in doing meditation, spreading the spirituality and worshipping Lord Shiva.

Let us worship him and be blessed.

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