Swami Vidyadhar

Swami Vidyadhar (19th century) was born in the year 1886 AD, in a village at Srinagar, Kashmir in an orthodox Brahmin family. He learned the Vedas, Shastras and Sanskrit under Shri Madhav and became a well-known scholar.

Right from his boyhood, Vidyadhar was sharp in his studies. Due to that, he was loved by the teachers and students, and got good name in the school. At his teenage, he was married to Shrimati Padmavati, a pious girl.

He also learnt Vedas in depth and Shaiva Siddhanta under Swami Ramji, who had properly guided his disciples and cleared their doubts on spirituality and other things. In course of time, Vidyadhar began to realize his inner self and attained great yogic powers. He also used to teach Hindu scriptures to the students.

In 1919, he left his home and went to many holy places, and became a wandering saint. He also had large number of disciples at his later stage of life, and guided them properly. He composed lot of devotional songs in praise of Lord Krishna, which is still sung by the Kashmiri pundits in the temples. Swami contains good courage and got great strength in mind and body.

Once when Swamiji saw a thief stealing his belongings at his Ashram, he didn’t stop him, and allowed him to go on his way. When he was enquired about this incident by his disciples, he replied to them, that since the thief looked very poor, and was wearing torn clothes, he has allowed the thief to go out with his belongings. On hearing the answer from him, his disciples were got very much astonished, and began to praise him for his kindness. He was such a noble man.

Swamiji was very fond of music and used to hear bhakti songs on Lord Krishna. After living a meaningful life for many years, at his old age, he has attained MUKTI.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.

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